AliceX - You would notice that the site changed if you were her before


Date: February 9, 2018

Written by: Brandon (Male, 26)


I remember running into this site for the first time around 5 months ago. However, it was completely different then. It was focused only on VR experience. That’s not the case anymore. A part of me is glad that the site has changed, but the other part of me still wants to look at models in VR.
The design is much better before because navigating on the site is now much easier than before. That is actually the least important thing now. I remember that the old version had just 1 or 2 models online. Sometimes, there weren’t any models online. Can you imagine coming to a site and not finding one single model? I think that there is nothing worse than that.
The site now changed and you can easily find around 500 models online at all times. There are different ways to find them so navigating is not the problem anymore. It would be nice if the site kept that schedule part so you can see which model performs when. I know that that is probably not possible with all these models online, but it would be nice to see it.
Like I said, navigating is not a problem anymore. You can use multiple features during your stay to improve your search and find some things. The first one I noticed was categories. There more than 30 categories here. You could find anything. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for brunette girls or girls that have hairy pussies. This site has everything for you. This feature seemed nice, but there was something better. There was also the advanced search. I could select many tags in 10 different sections and I always ended up with a nice result. The best thing is that when you are left with 5 models and you started off with 500 of them. There are some additional filters that can sort models out, but there is no need for them. At least I didn’t have any use of them.
This site offers free shows in some cases. Keep in mind that not all models have free shows. Those who do probably won’t do anything in those shows. I wanted to check out few shows in a free version to see what’s going on in there. You shouldn’t waste time in there so find out what you want and go further or search for another model.
Prices of private shows aren’t that bad. Some shows cost around per minute, but there are also those expensive shows that cost more than per minute. Luckily, there weren’t many of those expensive shows. The average price is around .5 per minute which doesn’t seem that much. It would be much if you didn’t get to see many things in private shows.
Some of these models were pretty nice in their shows and they wanted to do more things than I expected. I didn’t search for other shows as long models did what they promised on their profiles. However, there were some models that didn’t do more than just get naked. There is no need to spend this much money just to see naked models. You can do that for free on many places. I came here to see some action and some shows allowed me that. The best kind of a show was when a model included some sex toys in her show.
The video quality was mostly in HD. of course, some shows were in lower quality, but all shows were watchable. The most important thing is that all those shows were in fluid motion. None of them were lagging or had similar problems.
It was quite easy to use this site on a phone also. It wasn’t much different than on a PC.


The site improved. Now it’s better than most sites on the internet. There were a lot more models online than before. Multiple features made my stay much better and it was easier to navigate on the site. Some shows were pretty nice. Most shows had affordable prices.


Some shows were too expensive. Some private shows weren’t worth watching.


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