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Date: July 17, 2017

Written by: Bort (Male, 18)


What does anyone need besides hot girls and a site that is really easy to use? Well, this site is exactly that. I was actually amazed when I saw that everything I needed was in a visible place. Most of the sites are like this, but not all of them have models, categories, and search options right on the visible place that can’t be missed. For starters, there are about 500 models online at the time I was looking and more than 10,000 of them are registered here. There aren’t just girls available here like I expected. You can also look at male shows and even transsexuals are available.
Finding the model here is available via few different features. You can use categories that can narrow the search to one smaller group of models, but there are still a lot of them there. One more feature that can at least help you find the model is to sort models by the rating. Top models can be on the top of the page and those new ones will be on the bottom. One of the best searching features here is the advanced search option. You can select up to 6 different tags at the same time and the search will most likely narrow the search to just a few models. Every model has rating and age right below the profile picture so everyone can have a preview of the show before even entering it. Besides that, every model has its own profile where information like likes and dislikes can be found. Looking at pictures of every model is available to both free and premium users.
Free shows are available for every user on the site. There is no time limit on them so everyone can stay on the show for an unlimited time. The chat window is available in all shows and talking with the model is available at all times. However, models usually focus on talking with those fans who are tipping them. Tipping models are only available to premium members and the tip can always be a custom number.
Private shows are available for only premium members because they are not free. The price for 1 minute in the private show can vary, but the average price is about . Shows are paid with credits and there are 5 different packages with credits available. The least expensive package costs 21 EUR and you get 18 credits for that amount. The most expensive package costs 161 EUR and you get 158 credits. Every package has a bonus amount of credits except the least expensive one.
The video quality can also vary, but in most cases, it is in High Definition. Some models don’t have that good camera, but all of them are doing their best to provide everyone with an amazing show. I noticed that some cameras have movement options so zooming in on some specific model is also available.
One last type of the show is VIP show and that show is limited to only a few members. To even enter this show, you need to subscribe to it and if you are lucky, you will be the selected one to watch it when the show starts.
Browsing the site is not limited only to the computer. Everything is available also on tablets and phones. One slight difference is that you can’t use chat window in the live show while watching the live stream.
There is one special tab that top 100 models in one place and anyone can place its vote for the best model. Just like that, you can also select your favorite models that will always appear in the Favorites tab so there is no need to search for some specific model again.


The prices are really affordable and there are small packages with credits. More than 500 models are online at all times and they do their best to provide everyone with an amazing show. Model’s profile is available to everyone and you can find some useful information there. The video quality is in HD in most cases.


One weakness I have noticed is that this site is most likely a copy of LiveJasmin.


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