- You cannot get better camming experience anywhere else!


Date: April 19, 2017

Written by: Jim (Male, 29)


Livjasmin, or jasmin, or whatever it is called nowadays is definitely the best cam website out there. Really, I'm not kidding, this website is so bloody awesome that you simply cannot find any better than it. There are tons of girls on here and they are all sexy as hell. Also, they reyally know how to deliver an amazing performance. But, that is actually it – if you are searching for a good cam site, you have to take into account how hot the girls are and how good they are at delivering cam shows. There's really nothing more to it. Well, I've taken into account how hot the girls are on livejasmin and how good they are at cam shows. And guess what? They are the hottest girls around delivering the best cam shows available online. There, I've said it. I don't want it to look like I'm fanboying. Okay, maybe I am, but just a little. Seriously, this site is very good. And now I'm saying this from an objective perspective. The prices are more than fair, the babes are exceptionally good looking and the shows are well worth both your time and your money. Period. End the review, it's over.

I'm kidding, of course I'm going to explain livejasmin in detail. When you first visit livejasmin, you will notice how the design of the site is quite simple. But, simply because it is simple (if I write simple or any other variation of this word again, I'm going to stop writing xD), it makes the website look accessible and pretty darn nice. The design is actually quite intuitive. You've got the selection of online models taking up most of the front page, with the categories above that selection. And, above categories, you've got the search box and a categories button. This categories button is there to help you narrow down your search. Just click on it, and click on a few categories and you will get a selection of ladies that fall within those categories. When I say ladies, I mean other performers as well. Yes, there are guys and trannies on here too. I just didn't explore them. You can click on as many categories as you want. Way to the left of the search box you will find all of your membership options. The design IS pretty nice, right?

Let's talk about the babes. This department is where livehjasmin shines. Really. You can find all sorts and kinds and types and whatnots of women. From redheads to blondes, from Asians to blacks, from voluptuous to slim, from young to mature and everything in between – there really ARE all types of girls on here. Most importantly the are all beautiful in their own unique ways. They are simply (there I go again... ) ravishing. They are hot. They are sexy beyond any comprehension. And, most importantly, they are god showgirls. Once these ladies start stripping/masturbating/whatever it is you want them to do, if you don't start touching yourself then you are probably asexual. I have nothing against asexual people, I'm just trying to make a comparison. So, don't hate on me because I've mentioned asexual people. But, what am I talking about, of course you are going to hate on me, this is the interwebs.

I guess you want to know about the prices. Well, I'm not gonna tell you about them. I'm just going to say that they are more than fair and that you will get your money's worth. Really, this is a professional webcam site, don't expect to get anything for free. But, you just might. Some of the babes on here will go a step above during the public chats (which are completely free to view for visitors, meaning that you don't have to be a registered user to watch them or participate in them) by posing sensually, dancing slowly, and, even, stripping a bit. Of course, the girls do this in order to seduce potential clients.

If you have read this review from the beginning, well, kudos to you! :D In any case, I wholeheartedly recommend this website to all of the lovers of webcam shwos out there. Trust me, you will not regret visiting or purchasing shows on this site. I love it and I think that other people will love it too.


From sexy babes to exciting HD cam shows – this website has a lot of good things going on for it.


Truth be told, I didn't find any weakness when it comes to livejasmin. Some things could be improved, but they are unimportant when it comes to the overall experience that you will get on this website.


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