Strip4bit Bitcoin sexcam review - You can use Bitcoins for fun on this site


Date: February 8, 2018

Written by: Bert (Male, 33)


Most people didn’t know about Bitcoins until one year ago. The price was so low that it wasn’t even worth mentioning it. However, now that it is famous and millions of people are trading Bitcoins or mining them, there are things that you can do with them. It was just the matter of time when I was going to ran into something on the internet that accepts Bitcoins.
This site has more than just girls. There were around 400 online models in total, but 250 of those models were girls. I was just looking at girls so I will talk only about that.
The site generally looks great. It’s simple and there aren’t many things on the main page. I only saw shows there and that is pretty much all I need. There are also some features and similar thing on top of the page, but that isn’t taking much space and it’s not distracting you.
Let’s start with saying that this site doesn’t have free shows. That kind of disappointed me, but I kind of get it. This means I have to do a bit more research about shows before paying for them.
It seems like most models here are from Western Europe. I’m not so sure about that, but most models speak German, French and English. It would be weird to get in a show with a model that doesn’t know English. How would you talk to her?
You can find someone pretty and worth watching by scrolling through all models on the site, but that just takes too much time. You can do it much faster by using some features. This site has the filter. There are roughly 10 tags and you get to select as many tags as you want. The more you select, the less models you have on the main page. You can narrow the search down even to 5 models if you select the right tags.
Because you can’t see a show in a free version, you get to see model’s profile. There is enough info there to find out if that model is worth watching or not. Of course, they are all pretty much different, so you have to be careful when you start spending your money. There are also photos included so you can see how those models look like.
The best thing about this site is the pricing. All shows I checked out cost per minute. I was expecting to see much higher prices. You have to connect a profile on this site with an account with your Bitcoins and only then you can start watching these shows. Everything works pretty simple because if you have enough Bitcoins, you just have to go from a show to another show without doing anything.
Some models will do more things in their shows than others. I even expected that from models so I wasn’t surprised. Some of them just wanted to get naked and that is it. That wasn’t what I was looking for. There are also models that like to include sex toys in their shows. It seems like those models are available on all sites and that shouldn’t change.
The video quality was only in HD and in fluid motion. There wasn’t one show that was in some different quality. At least not that I know off.


Prices were affordable I think for everyone. You can navigate on the site very easy. There are enough models online. The video quality was in HD only.


The only bad thing is that there weren’t free shows.


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