Camquery - You can’t find a site like this one


Date: November 2, 2017

Written by: Ilija (Male, 20)


I found out about this site through some reviews and I wanted to check it out because opinions were quite different with most people. Some of them are saying that this site is the best one and the rest is saying that nothing is good here. The first impression of a site is pretty important to me because if I don’t like the design, I probably won’t continue to use it. This site has a dark background color that is making everything else much easier to find. Everything important and all features are pointed out with red color. This makes it much easier to navigate on the site.
It is pretty important to have enough online models on the site, but I couldn’t actually find the exact number of online models. There is not counter that shows that and you could only guess how many there were. I did some research and there are usually around 400 models online. That is just enough to please most people and it doesn’t make it hard for you to find some specific model or a show.
Having 400 models online is pretty enough because you can navigate through all shows pretty easy. Scrolling through all shows seems pointless when you have a couple of features that can help you out with that. The best one in my opinion is the advanced search. This feature allows me to select multiple tags in the filter and that narrows the search down to a lot less models. There are more than 50 tags available and you can have around 30 models on the display if you select the perfect combination of tags. The left side of the page is filled with categories. There are around 30 categories and each one of those categories has some models in there. You still can’t see how many models are in each category, but none categories are empty. One last thing I could do was sort models out by a few things. This wasn’t that useful like the rest of features.
I was glad that all models had free shows. I could check out the video quality in a show and see what some model looks like. Usually, models were in the underwear so you could see enough to get interested in them. If I didn’t like some model, I would just move to the next. Free shows don’t require you to have an account, but I created it anyway so I wouldn’t be listed as a guest.
Many people constantly ask models to get naked, show them boobs and stuff like that, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I asked a model some questions about a private show and I found out enough to go to the private show.
Prices usually vary in private shows, but most models are charging around per minute. That is affordable for many people, but you can also find shows that are more expensive that you can expect. The most expensive show I found was .99 per minute and I didn’t even think about starting that one. You would need more than to see something in that show.
I was pretty satisfied with a show that cost .99 per minute and model in there was willing to do most things I asked. This made me think that cheap shows can be as good as expensive ones, but I can’t say that for sure because I didn’t watch an expensive show yet.
Some models also have a VIP show. This show is not available always and when it is, you need to hurry if you want to watch it. Some model asks for some amount of money and everyone who donates her money gets to watch her show when she starts it. While she is raising money, you can watch her just like in a free show.
The store on this site offers you a couple of packages with credits. If you are not sure which one to buy, I would start with the cheapest one because you won’t spend much money on something that you won’t like maybe. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and if you buy a bigger package, you will get them for a better price.
This site has a really good video quality. All shows were in fluid motion and they were in full HD. I noticed that most models were professional models and just a minority was amateur ones. Either way, you could see a pretty nice show with both of these models.
Most phones are capable of supporting this site. I tested it on my Android and it worked without any additional program or software. You could do everything like on a computer, but the only difference was that I had a smaller screen on my phone than on a computer.


The site has enough models online. The video quality is nice. Navigating on the site is pretty easy. Prices are affordable.


I couldn’t tell for sure how many models were online.


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