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Date: December 25, 2017

Written by: Robert (Male, 18)


I was shocked with that bright background when I opened this site. I didn’t expect that bright orange background at the beginning. As much as it shocked me, it was pretty useful actually. You could clearly see the difference between what is useful on the site and what is not because it is pointed out. There is one slight change I would do and that is the color mix. I would just like to see those categories and features in some different color and not orange also. That would be much better.
I didn’t need to worry about not finding some model on the site because there was pretty much of them. I think that there were around 300 or 400 of them online at that time. There is no counter that shows you exactly how much models are online, but I figured that out from the main page. I just don’t like that online models are next to offline ones so you can easily open a show that is not online.
Finding a show is one of the most important things for me. I just don’t scroll through the main page to do that. I like to use some features. The best one was the filter here. I could select up to 10 tags at once and that would give me a pretty nice result. Besides that, you can use categories that are also useful.
Most models that were online were available in free shows. The rest of them were currently in private show, but they also have free shows. Basically, every model that is on the site has a free show if she is not in a private one. That is pretty useful if you want some additional information about private shows or something else. I knew I wouldn’t see much in free shows so I didn’t want to stick in there for much time. I just asked a few things and saw how model looked like. That was enough to decide if I want to go further or not.
Like I said, there is no point to stick around in free shows much so I started looking for a show that is pretty good. I considered the price also before opening a show because I didn’t have much money at that time. You can find shows that cost from per minute to or more per minute. However, most shows were around or per minute and that was pretty enough.
The time goes too fast while you are in there. You just don’t realize how much time you spent in there when you focus on looking at a model. Luckily, there is a counter that shows you how much time exactly you spent in there. That is good because you can always look at it and know how much money you are left with.
Shows are paid with credits and the store offers you a couple packages. There were 5 packages and the price of 1 credit in all of those packages was little over 1 EUR. Of course, when you buy bigger packages you get some discount as well as some bonus credits. There is nothing more I need really.
Not all private shows are the same. That is actually pretty logical. If they were the same, you wouldn’t need to look for a show, you would just open the first one you see. Some models are willing to do more than others. You can see a lot of action in some shows and almost nothing in other shows. I prefer those shows where a model likes to play with dildos, vibrator and that also likes to do some role play at the beginning. That is the most you get to see here I think.
Besides private shows, you can also enjoy VIP shows. These shows are pretty much the same as private ones, but only here, limited number of people can look at it. Everyone who puts some money in that show will get to watch it once it starts. You don’t see something special in there really. Of course, there are some things that you usually don’t see in private shows, but I don’t know if it is worth spending a bit more money on a show like this one.
I was pretty surprised with the video quality. All shows I looked at were in HD. Really, not 1 show was in low or medium quality. You really can’t get better quality than this. Also, all shows were in fluid motion so there were no lags mid show or something like that.
Most models here are professional models. You can clearly see that if they are streaming from a studio. Not many models were streaming from a bedroom that actually looked like it was in someone’s home.
The last thing I did with this site was use it on a phone. It worked as I thought it would. It was pretty much the same like on a pc so it was quite nice.


Enough models are online. The video quality is only in HD. Prices are affordable in most cases.


I would just change the background color.


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