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Date: October 23, 2017

Written by: Miklos (Male, 33)


When the site’s name said friends, I immediately though that this was some kind of a dating site or something like that, but I was wrong. Not many models are online here which sucks. I only saw 51 online models when I got online here and I kind of got disappointed. This site offers you two different views. You can look at more models at once, or you can look at a lot fewer models, but you have a lot more information about them on the main page. Navigating on this site is pretty easy because you don’t have much on the display. There are only shows and search features on the main page and I didn’t need more than that.
I mentioned search features, so let’s start with that. You can find some categories on the top of the page, but you have a bigger drop list on the button Live Cams. There are around 30 or more categories, but they are like tags. You can select model’s age, ethnicity, hair color and a couple of more things, but all that is done separately. There is not advanced search on this site which sucks. Maybe there is actually, but I didn’t find it and I was actually searching for it for some time. You can search for a model by her name also, but you have to know that name first. There were two different search boxes and one was for models and the other one was for friends. I guess that you can make friends with someone on this site and chat with them or something like that.
Before opening a show, you can see below it if that show is free or not. Most shows on the main page are free ones so you can test them for free. Free shows offer you a lot of features that can help you out. I got used to not see anything in the free show, but that is not the case here. You can tip the model and send her virtual gifts for real money. They can loosen up because of that and some of them will actually do all kinds of stuff even in the free show. However, the real fun is in the private show so you should spend your money in there. I didn’t want to waste my money on the free show so I asked some things about a model and I found out a lot about a model really fast.
The private show can be good for you or not. It all depends on what you like and which model you selected. The price varies from the show to the next one, but prices are cheap usually. Most shows cost around or per minute which isn’t high at all. Most models offer cam2cam option which allows you to use your camera while you are talking with the model. They actually prefer that because they can also see you. Although it was pretty weird for me at first, I got used to it pretty fast.
I don’t know what to say about the video quality. It really isn’t that good. I opened a couple of shows and they were pretty much in low video quality. There were also some shows that had pretty nice video quality, but the average video quality is medium. That should improve pretty fast because most shows nowadays have HD cameras on all sites.
Models on this site were truly amateur ones. All of them were streaming from their homes and that was much better for me because they act more natural than other models.
It is pretty nice to see that there are also recorded videos available here. Some videos were completely free, but some of those videos were expensive as hell. I found one video that cost . What kind of price is that and I really want to know what is hidden in that video. For that much money, you can find a real girl in the real life and have much more fun than anywhere else. Most videos aren’t that high, but I was blown away when I saw that one video.


Recorded videos are available. Models will probably do a lot of things, but not all of them. Prices of shows are usually cheap.


The video quality sucks. Some recorded videos are high as hell.


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