Strip4bit Bitcoin sexcam review - You can expect only the best things here


Date: December 18, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 18)


This is definitely a site that is new on the internet and you can find nice things here easily. Bitcoins are just getting more famous with every day and why shouldn’t you use them in your regular daily activities. That means that you can do all kinds of things and never use your credit cards again.
There were many models online here and even more than I expected to see. I counted around 200 or a bit more models online. I didn’t know how paying for things here worked so I didn’t expect to see many models, but I was wrong, which is a good thing actually. The more models online, the better it is. Well if there are too many models on a site, it can be hard to find a show that is good for you just by scrolling thought the main page. You can do that, but why would you if you have more options.
The best feature so far on any site is the filter or the advanced search. You can select multiple tags here also and that will help you out actually. I see that models are mostly from Western Europe so you can also select which languages they speak. I see that most models speak German and English as well. You can narrow the search down to a lot less models than before just by selecting right tags. Even if you don’t select many tags, you will still get fewer models than at the beginning. Besides this feature, I didn’t find anything else, but I really didn’t need it really.
There are just no free shows here. I actually expected that because everything is paid with Bitcoins so there is no room for free things. The only thing that can help you out is model’s profile. There are some pictures of her alongside some information. You can see when that model is online, what she likes and the price of course.
Prices may seem a bit weird if you are not into Bitcoins that much, but if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here really. Prices may be something like 0.000125. That is let’s say around per minute. the price of Bitcoins vary pretty much every minute so you can’t quite get shows for the same price always. It can be tricky to not get charged a bit more if the price suddenly goes higher than before. Like on most sites, there is a counter that shows you how much time you spent in a show. You won’t be charged more than you really spent time in there.
Shows really are worth your money. The price varies from the show to the next one, but not that much. Some shows cost per minute, some per minute, but they are almost equally worth. Models like to do all kinds of things in their shows, but there is always some difference with each model. Some of them will include sex toys in their shows, and some of them won’t. Shows can be quite interesting in each case, but I would focus on those where you have sex toys included.
The video quality here is only in HD. You can’t find anything else than shows in High Definition really. They all run in fluid motion and there were no problems with loading shows or something similar.


Enough models are online. It’s easy to navigate on the site. There is no trace of you being on this site when you pay with Bitcoins. The video quality is only in HD.


I would just like to see free shows before paying for anything.


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