CamContacts - Why is someone still coming back to this site?


Date: January 3, 2018

Written by: Mathew (Male, 18)


If you ever came to this site, you would know what I am talking about. Everything here looks outdated and stupid. It’s not easy at all to get around this site. I got used to using many features on all kinds of sites, and this site has almost none. It can be hard to find something you are looking for without any help.
The best thing so fat on this site is the number of online models, and I think that that is the only good thing here. From what I saw, I counted more than 1000 models online when I got on the site. That is quite many models for a site that looks like crap. There are even more than 50000 registered models, but you won’t see online models even close to that number.
I didn’t have what else to do after seeing the main page of the site, so I went straight for shows. Here comes the problem again. You can only select one category and there are no more than 10 or so categories. That means you have 200+ models in each category usually and it takes a lot of time to narrow the search down to just few models. I didn’t find the filter or the advanced search, and believe me, I looked for it from the start. I could only type in someone’s screen name in the search box, but that didn’t have any use to me because I was new on the site. How can I know someone’s name if I never saw anything there?
There is a new category on this site that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s ‘Non-Adult’ category. I don’t see any point in having this category. Non-adult means there is no nudity in there and everyone here comes for that, right? Why would I want to pay someone to talk with me? I have friends and I can to the exact same thing for free in person.
I liked how they separated softcore and hardcore shows. You won’t mix those two up and if you are into one thing, you probably won’t like the other thing. This is the second good thing on the site so far. I guess I was wrong when I said before that there is nothing else good here.
When I decided to open one show just to see how it looks like, I couldn’t. There is not one single show that is free here. If you want a free thing, you can only open a chat show. Why in the hell would I like to chat with a model? I am here to look at her do all kinds of things and I can’t do that through texts. I am not crazy enough to rush things and immediately open a random show and maybe waste my money because I didn’t know anything about that show.
Every model has a profile. You can open it for free and read some information there. That can help you out when you want to decide which show to open, but still, that is not enough for me. I like to play it out safe when it comes to spending my money.
I could just find out prices of shows. Some shows cost more than others and I don’t know if there is a reason for that or not. I saw shows that cost from per minute to around per minute. If I saw right, most shows cost around .5 per minute, which is not that expensive. However, I can’t know for sure because I haven’t seen any private show, so I don’t know what happens in there.
There is one more thing I found out about this site, but not from my experience exactly. I asked someone else about the video quality. Someone said it was usually good and someone said it sucked. More people said that it was average so I will believe them. I didn’t even expect something better from a site that looks like this.
When you create an account, you can get some free credits if you have a special code. I don’t know where you can find that code, but that is a cool thing.


Many models are usually online.


No free video shows. Most people say that the video quality is not so good. There are shows in which you can’t see any nudity. The design is crap. You can’t find anything easily.


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