MaturesCam - What’s better than looking at mature women?


Date: November 28, 2017

Written by: Steve (Male, 36)


Nothing. The answer to my title is nothing. Mature girls know everything about pleasing their fans because they most likely have a lot of experience in doing that. I got pretty excited when I found a site with only MILFs and no other models. There is no need to search for only mature girls in a big pile of them because you can see only older girls here. It seems like there are both amateur and professional models on this site. You can clearly see the difference between those two based on how they act in their shows.
Because this site is filled with only mature women, I didn’t expect to see a lot of them online at all times. I counted around 300 of them at the time I was there and that was quite enough for me. The site has no more than 7000 registered models and that is just fine. If there were a lot more of them, it would be a little harder to navigate on the site.
It doesn’t matter on which site I am, I like to see what I all can do there. So, the first thing I do in most cases is look at search feature. Most people seem to forget about them and just select a model randomly from the main page. I just don’ do that because I have a specific taste in girls. That is why I clicked on the advanced search engine right away. This feature allowed me to select multiple tags at once and I got a pretty neat result at the end. I think that no more than 30 of them were on the display and that made it much easier for me to find a model I liked. I knew about this feature a long time ago, but I seem to forget about everything else after using this. Like on most sites, there are categories on this site and a couple other features that can help you out. But all those features are included in the advanced search so there is no need for them.
The best things you can find on any site are free shows. Every online model has a free show available for every user on the site if she is not currently in a private show. You don’t need an account to open this site. If you have some doubts about the site or a show, you can just open it and if you don’t like something, you can simply quit the site and you didn’t spend any time on creating an account.
However, creating an account can be quite useful here. If you don’t have one, you are listed as a guest and everyone will ignore you when they see that. I know it maybe seems weird, but creating an account takes only 10 seconds or a little bit more than that. You don’t have to give away much information at the beginning.
Free shows are pretty useful if you are curious about model’s private show. You can ask all kinds of questing there for free. In most cases, you will find out enough to continue or quit the show. If that is not enough, you can check model’s profile where photos are included also.
Once you get to the private show, you can expect to see different prices. Some models charge as low as per minute and some of them charge more than per minute. The average price on this site is somewhere between and per minute which is not that high. Every private show has a counter than shows you how much time you spent in the show. This is pretty useful because you can’t lose track of time. However, if you do lose track of time, you will just get disconnected from the show when you run out of credits.
If you want to be prepared for a long private show, you should definitely check out the store. I saw 5 different packages with credits and some of them are really affordable and some of them are not so much. The price of 1 credit is usually around 1 EUR and if you buy bigger packages, you get a small discount. Every package except the cheapest one has a bonus amount of credits. You can get up to 10 credits with the biggest package.
Some models have one more type of the show named VIP show. These shows are not available always and usually around 4 or 5 of them are available from time to time. When some model wants to raise a lot of money really fast, she starts this show. Everyone who wants to watch the show has to give a model a specific amount of money and when the goal is reached, the show starts. Only the fastest ones can enjoy these shows that last around 15 minutes usually.
I don’t have anything bad to say about the video quality. Every show I checked out was in HD. Some shows even had remote controlled cameras and that is not easy to find nowadays. It doesn’t matter if a model is an amateur one or a professional one, the video quality is always in HD or better.
This site is supported on a phone also without any additional program. Everything is pretty much the same like on a computer and the only difference is a smaller screen on a phone than you are used to. That means you see less content at once.


Prices are affordable on this site. The video quality is always in HD. Enough models are online. It’s easy to navigate on the site.


Nothing is bad.


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