- Well organized site with quite nice models


Date: September 22, 2017

Written by: Will (Male, 44)


If the name didn’t give away what this site is about, I don’t know what will. There are only transsexual models on this site and it isn’t easy to find only site with those models. There were quite many models online at the time I was there. I counted more than 150 models which is hard to see these days. There are many more models registered on the site and I don’t know why there aren’t much more models online. The design is pretty amazing because the most important things are on the top of the main page. You can find shows, search options and log in info right away. Cool thing on the main page is that when you hold your cursor on a show, it will start a live stream in that small window instead of showing the profile picture. The site is updated daily so you can keep track of the improvements by looking at the news section on the site.
Having this many models online isn’t a small thing and to find a specific model isn’t too easy now. Luckily, there are a couple of features that can really help you out. The first thing in noticed and in fact looking for was the advanced search. This time, this feature was a quite different than on many other sites. You can select all kinds of things about the model and you can even select some languages that a model speaks. Usually, you will get a pretty good result, but if you are unlucky, you will have to try again. This is not the only useful feature on the site. You can select which type of the show you are looking for. And the last thing you can do is search for some model by her screen name, but to do that, you need to know someone’s name first.
I was pretty glad when I saw that free shows were available. It is pretty stupid to open a site and not let models have a free show. I like to test the show before deciding if it is worth to spend money on it. Models were quite nice in free shows and they were willing to tell you all about their private shows. You can use a chat window to chat with them or, you can look at some model’s profile and find out all the useful things. All these things are free and you don’t even need an account to look at them. Sadly, models will not do pretty much anything in the free show. If you want some action, you need to go to the private show.
The private show can bring you all kinds of amazing things if you select the right show. You should never forget that there are some models who like to talk with you only. They are on this site to make a friend and that is pretty much it. Don’t get in a situation to pay for talking with the model if you didn’t come for that. The prices can vary from the show to the next one because not all shows are the same. There are some shows that can cost per minute and there are also shows going for per minute. Besides looking at regular private shows, you can also select a happy hour show. Those shows cost a little more because you are guaranteed to see all kinds of things with the model. The price usually doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of shows because some cheaper shows were better than some more expensive shows I opened.
Live shows are not the only thing on this site. You can go to a section with only recorded videos. There are quite a lot of videos available and the price is the same for all videos. They all last around 30 minutes and the price is 3 credits per video. Sadly, you buy the video for only 1 hour so if you expect to look at one video more than 2 times, you won’t be happy.
Paying for all these things is done with credits. The store offers a couple of packages with different amounts of credits. The price of 1 credit is and the price doesn’t change no matter what. Even if you buy bigger packages, you will get 1 credit for the same price. I started with smaller packages because I didn’t have a clue about this site and I wouldn’t like to leave some credits on the profile and never use them again.
The video quality was pretty much in HD in all shows. I didn’t open many shows, but from what I saw, I can say that the video quality is improving. Shows were in fluid movement and I could see almost every detail perfectly. Many models were actually streaming from a studio so I think that they are kind of professional models. That isn’t bad, but I kind of prefer amateur models because they act better in most situations.
One more thing you can do here is use this site on a phone. It worked pretty well on my Android phone and I don’t have anything bad to say about it.


Shows are in HD mostly. Models are polite and willing to talk with you. Prices are usually affordable. Amazing search features. Even recorded videos are available.


Nothing is bad.


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