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Date: October 19, 2017

Written by: Cameroon (Male, 31)


I really admire creators of this site because they created something that is really easy to use. The main page has only a couple of things and there is no need for more than that. I immediately noticed that when you hold your mouse on a show, some pictures start to change or you get to see a live show instead of model’s profile picture. This site doesn’t have that many models, but there are enough of them to please everyone. There were 240 models online when I was online and that was actually quite enough for me. It made it much easier to find some model without using all kinds of features. The background color is black and everything else is pointed out because of the background.
If you decide to find a smaller group of some models, you can with one of features on this site. The best one is the advanced search because it allows you to do all kinds of things. You can even select cup size and the origin of a model. I tried this feature multiple times and when you select all tags that you can, you won’t have more than 10 models on the display. Every tag shows how many models are in there so you know something before waiting for the result. There are also a couple of categories on this site, but I didn’t see much point in them. I just ignored them because the advanced search did a pretty nice job. If you know some model by her name from before or from somewhere else, you can just type it in the search box.
Not all models here have a free show, but you can select only to see models with a free show. It is pretty useful to look at the free show because you won’t get surprised when you open a private show. Don’t expect to see something spectacular in the free show and you won’t get disappointed. I got used that models were only sitting on the bad and I couldn’t be disappointed. However, I got lucky I think because some models were almost naked and they were dancing and thing like that. Besides that, I got to talk with the model for free. There is a free chat window that can be pretty useful if you want to find out something about a private show. If you actually ask something, you will probably get an answer.
When it comes to the private show, you need to have some money on your account before even starting the show. The price can vary from the show to the next one, but from what I saw, most shows were going around for per minute. You can find cheaper and more expensive shows, but you have to scroll a bit more on the main page. Every show has its price before even starting it so you can know if that is out of your price range or not. Not all private shows are the same, but you will most likely see a lot of nudity in private shows for sure.
There are also VIP shows with most models and you need a little more money for that. The price per minute here is around 20 credits usually which is quite a lot. However, if you like to be alone with a model, you won’t have problems with that. In this show, you get say everything that some models do and basically, you create your own happiness: D.
I saw only 3 packages in the store with credits and you have a nice package for beginning. If you only register, you will get 25 credits for free. The cheapest package costs 10 EUR and you get 65 credits in there. I took that one because it looked like perfect for beginning. You can also by that most expensive one that costs 60 EUR and gives you 390 credits, but I didn’t even think about buying it because I probably wouldn’t be able to spend all that credits.
The video quality is pretty amazing here. Most models are equipped with HD cameras and they run in fluid motion. I didn’t open one show that wasn’t fluid or that had problems with the lag or internet connection. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream which was quite amazing. Most models here are amateur ones, but you can also find professional ones really easy.
There is also a version of this site for a phone. It worked pretty well without any additional program on my Android. Shows were also in HD and they were in fluid motion. However, I liked the version for a pc much better because everything was bigger.


Enough models are online. Amazing search features are available. Prices are usually cheap. The video quality is in HD mostly.


Nothing is bad.


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