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Date: October 13, 2017

Written by: Bart (Male, 25)


Let’s start with that this has an annoying pop up add that pops up every 2 or 3 minutes on the main screen and you can’t close it. That happens only if you don’t have an account so this is a nice way to make people create an account or just force them to leave this site. I checked this site multiple times in past few months and I can see that nothing has changed since then. The design is pretty simple and the color mix in the background points out some important things on the main page. There are more than 200 models online on this site at most times and sometimes even more. That is because not all models are from one place and some models can be online when the rest of them are asleep.
I can see that all models that are on the display have a free show. The site opens a new pop up window and that is where the show starts. You can see that there is a section that allows you to chat with the model for free. Models usually respond to most users pretty fast, but if you are listed as a quest, it is a pretty big change that you will be ignored by almost everyone. There is nothing spectacular that you can see in a free show. Models are dressed in some sexy tight clothes that just take your breath away, but you won’t see anything more than that. If you want to see something more, you need to go the private show.
The private show can usually fulfill all your wishes, but that doesn’t have to be the case always. It is pretty important to with the model about a private show because you can find out most things about a show if you just ask. It would be a shame to waste money on something you don’t like. There are some models that will do almost anything and yet, there are also models that won’t do more than just get naked. The price varies from the show to the next one, but most shows have a price around per minute and that isn’t too high. However, there are some shows that are quite expensive for me and those shows aren’t special. Some cheaper shows can be the same like those expensive ones.
The video quality was not as good as I thought it will be. Most shows have a pretty ok video quality, but some shows need to improve really fast. Some shows were actually in that bad quality, that everything was blurry. And the most important thing on a site is to have fluid shows, which wasn’t the case here in most shows. Only professional models have a pretty nice video quality, but the rest of them need to improve it.
If you want to find some model, you will have to search them with only one tag or category at the time. I didn’t find the advanced search and that kind of sucks. When a site has a lot of models, you need some feature that can narrow the search to a lot less models than before. However, I somehow managed to find something I was looking for, but I am not too impressed. There are all kinds of useful tags at the display, but still, you just have to go one by one.
Luckily, this site works pretty nice on a phone. I tried on both iPhone and Android and I didn’t have any big problems. The video quality was still crap in most cases, but shows loaded petty fast. Again, some shows weren’t in fluid motion and that should improve really fast. Not all features work the same like on a PC and I didn’t expect them too actually.


A lot of models are online here. Models are polite. Free shows are affordable with every model. The price of a private show is affordable in most cases.


The video quality is crap and shows aren’t in fluid motion. Search features don’t help you out a lot.


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