Joyourself - Very interesting site with a lot of chicks


Date: June 23, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 33)


This time, before opening this site, I pictured in my head what I would like to see and then compared it to the actual design. It was pretty much the same. I am not asking for much, just to find everything I need on the main page. That means I like when categories and models are in the center of the page. There is no point in searching for it.
First thing in noticed here is that there is something called free credits. Who would enter that immediately and take those credits? However, that wasn’t exactly like I pictured. You first have to create an account and then buy some credits first. When you do that, then you get some bonus credits on top of the previous amount. One credit goes for a little less than 1$ and I think that isn’t much for what you are going to spend it on.
I really like that there are much more categories than usually. I did find those usually categories like MILF, Teen, big tits and similar, but that wasn’t all. There are guys like me who are not getting excited with the regular content so we must look for something much more extreme. This site has exactly that and I was pretty much left speechless after seeing it. There are categories where girl masturbate, deep throat, squirt and do a bunch of fetishes that not many people like.
Categories are more than enough to find a model, but why stop there? I saw that this site also has an option to sort models by popularity and name. So you can look at the best models first. You don’t have to spend time picking good models in a big pile of them.
Later, I found out that you can pick some model and if you like it, you can place in favorites so when you get back, you can find her easily. I picked one model and some video started playing. I got really confused and I didn’t know if I miss clicked something. Actually, that was a pretty cool feature because that model was offline at that moment so a bunch of videos started playing to display that model. I got the chance to look at some of her photos and read her short biography. All that didn’t matter because she wasn’t online so I had to move on. It wasn’t that easy to find a model that was online and wasn’t in private show. I wanted to see what that model offers first before going to the private show. I think that 5th model was finally in free show. Her boobs almost fell out of her shirt because of their size. That was what I am looking for. I can say that seeing her ass also made me go immediately in the private show. Of course, that wasn’t possible yet because I didn’t have an account and credits. It took few minutes to get that done and I was ready to continue the fun. I got to see her naked and that was just the first thing she did. I asked her for some kinky things and she didn’t refuse them. After spending 10 minutes or so there I ran out of credits so I had to leave. Most definitely would I come back here.
There are also guys and trannies here but I am not into that so I didn’t look at those shows. It was just worth mentioning it.


I found a lot of models here and I couldn't decide which one was better. There are ones that are ready to do all kinds of kinky things for the right price. This site has great offers for buying credits. You can select some amount of credits and get few free credits on top of that. One credit goes around for 1$.


Some of the models were offline at the time I was browsing and it would be much better if there was something to sort offline models and online models separately.


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