Camplace - Very good site with advanced features


Date: January 25, 2018

Written by: Teddy (Male, 35)


You know how when you get on a site and you see everything you need right away. Well, that was how I felt when I got here. Although the site didn’t look special or something like that, but it had everything necessary. I could browse through all shows and see what is going on.
I didn’t worry about not finding a show that was good because there were lots of models online. I’m not sure about the exact number, but there were more than 300 of them for sure. The best thing was that I could go through all shows for free before paying for anything.
There is nothing much you can do but go to shows on a site like this one. You can either go to a free show, or go to a private one right away. Free shows really are free and you don’t even need an account. However, creating an account takes like 30 seconds and you won’t be bothered with that ever again. There is a down side of not having an account. You will be listed as a guest and models ignore users who are guests. Let’s face it. You can’t do anything without an account on a site.
You don’t have to browse through all shows to find one that is better than other shows. There are features that can help you out from the beginning. The best feature I noticed here was the filter. I had 4 different sections and I could select unlimited tags in those categories. I could narrow the search down to a lot fewer models than on the beginning. After I was done, it was easy to select one show that was better than other shows.
Once I got in a show, I saw that those shows can be quite good. Usually, free shows suck, but when there is tipping, everything can be better. Every model asked for some specific amount of tokens if you wanted to see her do something. Some of them wanted to do more than others and that was expected. I could see some action in there, but besides that, I could also see the video quality and how a model looks like.
Before even going to a private show, or tipping a model, you need tokens. The store has multiple packages and let’s just say that 10 tokens cost 1 EUR. If you buy any package other than the cheapest one, you will get a bit more tokens for 1 EUR. However, with the most expensive package, you get up to 20% discount.
Private shows are really interesting on this site. Some shows can be very good, but some shows are not so good. That is the case on almost every site and I won’t see that as a down side of a site. Prices are different for most shows. You can find shows for per minute and you can find shows for or more per minute. The price wasn’t the thing that told you if a show was good or not.
Like on most other sites, some models did much more things than other models. That made their shows much better than any other shows. The best type of a show I was in is where a model used a dildo. It was nice to look at her while she was getting naked, but that is kind of boring after all this time I spent on these sites. However, when she grabbed that dildo, everything changed. I didn’t even thing about leaving the show until it was done. Spending money wasn’t the problem while a show was worth watching.
The video quality wasn’t the same always. Most models had their shows in HD, but some of them didn’t. You could find shows that are in medium quality and are lagging a bit. However, most shows are in HD and in fluid motion.
This site worked quite fine on a phone. I didn’t do many things on it, but it was like I was using the site on a PC.


Enough performers were online. Most shows seemed like they were in HD. prices were usually affordable. It was easy to navigate on the site.


Some shows weren’t in such great quality.


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