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Date: October 30, 2017

Written by: Shon (Male, 32)


I don’t know how long was I searching for a site with mainly Asian models. That doesn’t matter now because I find got to look at something I like the most. I was pretty surprised with how many models were online. I didn’t expect this site to have more than 300 models online at most hours. That is quite enough to find a model that will fulfill most of your dirty wishes. It doesn’t matter what kind of a model you are looking for because there are girls, guys and even transsexuals here.
Navigating on this site was much easier than I thought. The design was made so everything important is pointed out. I could clearly see that there are multiple features visible on the main page and besides that, you have only shows at the display. Before even opening a show, you can see some information there like how old is a model and her rating.
Finding some specific model on this site is pretty easy because of some features. The best one I saw was the advanced search engine because I could select multiple tags at once instead of looking at only one thing. After selecting all tags I wanted, I got a lot less models on the display than before. When you have around 30 models on the display, it is pretty easy to find the one you like the best. One other feature I saw was categories. There were around 30 categories on this site and none of them was empty.
The best thing one this site is a free show with every model. You don’t have to pay for anything before you test the show. You don’t see pretty much anything here, but you can test the video quality and see what a model looks like. One more thing you can do is find out something about a private show. Models usually respond to every text you send, but don’t get surprised if you don’t get a respond sometimes. If you are listed as a guest, that means you don/t have an account and you will get ignored probably.
When you decided to go to the private show, make sure that you have enough credits on your profile for at least 5 minutes in there. The price of a private show is usually around per minute and you can find a pretty nice show for that money. Off course, there are more expensive shows on this site, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best ones. Some expensive shows really are good, but there are some of them which are overpriced for sure. Not all shows are the same here. Some models will do more than others and that is why you should find out something about the show before starting it.
You find multiple packages in the store with credits and you need only one for beginning. I started with the cheapest one because it seemed like perfect for start. I paid 21 EUR for it and I got 18 credits in there. That was enough for around 7-8 minutes in the private show and that is all I need to see if the site is good or not.
Don’t worry about the video quality because all shows are in HD. At least all shows I opened were in HD. They were all in fluid motion and there were no problems with lagging in my case. The thing that amazed me most was that some cameras could be controlled with a remote control at any time during the live stream.
I was once bored in the bed and I wanted to see if this site works on a phone. Everything looked the same and it worked the same like on a computer.


It’s easy to navigate on the site. Many models are online at most hours. Great video quality.


I didn’t find anything wrong here.


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