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Date: July 21, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 18)


Who doesn’t love playing card game really? I know I always like playing a side game when I needed to decide if the card is going to be higher or lower than the previous one. It killed some time and it always had a reward. Well, this site works exactly like that, but the reward is much better. If the name of the site didn’t give it away, I don’t know what will. If you beat the girl in the game, she will take off a part of the clothes, and if you lose, she will put it back on.
You can rarely find a site that has a twist in the private show. Instead of just telling a girl what to do, you have to work a little for it. Registering to the site is free, but you have to pay for the show. Sadly, there are no free shows, you can just chat with the model for free but every video show needs to be paid first. There is one good thing here and that is that you get to play a demo version of the game just to see how the site works. Every model has a profile where you can find out something about her and what can you do and what can’t you do. Every model has a photo gallery beside this information so you can even download some pictures if you like them. The site has around 25,000 registered models and about 150 are online constantly. The models are divided into just a few categories based on their hair and things similar to that.
The prices are the most important here because you need to pay for everything if you want to have some fun. The price varies from the show to the next one, but as I saw, the prices go from to per minute. One thing that also varies is parts of the clothes on a model. Some models have more clothes on them and some have fewer pieces. The riskiest thing here is when you decided to go into some show and you don’t know what you are getting into. The model could be something you did not expect. There is a glitch here or it maybe isn’t, but while you are spending your money on the show, you won’t have a current balance of money on your profile. So if you spend your money from the profile, the bill will just go to the credit card without even warning you. The thing I would recommend to anyone is to chat with the model before doing to the private show straight.
The video quality is medium to high in almost every show, and there are some shows that have some improvements. There are just a few shows where you get to see a model controlling the camera with a remote control. Zooming in on some parts of her body is the best thing around here.
Everything about this site is new so if someone has a problem with getting around the site, you can use the guided tour that is available for only premium members. If is free, but you still have to create an account first.


New design and cool features on this site make it unique. This is the only site I have seen that has a game included in the private show. More than enough models are online so I had no trouble with finding the one I liked the most. The prices of some shows are cheap and really affordable for this kind of a show.


After you run out of the money, you won’t get a warning, but the bill will just be put on your credit card.


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