Jasmin - Truly an original site


Date: November 2, 2017

Written by: Angel (Male, 26)


It was quite pleasant to see a site that is much different than most other sites. When I opened this site for the first time, I didn’t see shows on the main page, but something much better. A couple of pictures were rotating in a circle and those were the best model on the site. You could see their profile and some useful information about them. Basically, I found out something about them before even starting a show. I immediately got ahold of the site because everything useful as in a visible place. When I wanted to check out how many models were online, I had to go to a different section. This is one of well-known sites and that is why there are usually more than 1000 online models. That is a quite big number and that can give you some troubles on the site.
Because this site has a lot of models online, it was pretty reasonable why there were a couple of search features. The first thing I noticed was a couple of categories on top of the page. You could also say that those were maybe tags because I didn’t see a full list with categories. There were those most searched tags there like big breast, blonde, brunette and others. However, I found the advanced search pretty fast and that was the best feature. I could select around 10 tags at once and that narrowed the search down to a lot less models. I still got enough models on the display, but that number wasn’t even near 1000. If you select all the right tags, you can get around 100 models on the display. That isn’t the case with those categories because there are more than 400 models in one category for example.
I saw that I could test shows for free before even creating an account. This was pretty useful because I knew what I was getting into. If I didn’t like something, I could just move to the next show without paying anything. Browsing the site without an account is pretty stupid because you get ignored by models. No one likes to talk with users who are listed as guests.
The best thing I could do in the free show was chat with the model about her private show. Model was in her underwear when I opened the free show, but she wouldn’t take anything off after. I didn’t even bother asking her to do that because I knew I was heading to her private show. If you don’t get enough information from a free show, you can simply look at models profile for more information.
When I decided to go to the private show, the first thing I did was buy some credits. The store has a couple of packages and I can see that there are some pretty expensive ones. I decided to start with the cheapest one because I would regret much if I spend all that money. For 21 EUR I got 18 credits and that was enough for at least 5-6 minutes in the free show.
Most shows have different prices, but the average price is around to per minute. You can find some decent shows for a small amount of money. I was in 2 private shows and I could see that one model was willing to do more than the other one. After finishing with one show, I wanted to see which shows are also available. I saw some shows that cost around per minute and that seemed too high. Later I found out that the price doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the show because models can overcharge for their shows. So, if the show is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is the best one around.
I expected to see the best video quality here and I wasn’t disappointed. All shows I opened were in full HD and they were in fluid motion. Some shows were equipped with cameras that could be controlled with a remote control during a live stream.
This site has mostly professional models, but there are also amateur ones. You clearly see the difference between these two because professional models are streaming from a studio and amateur ones are streaming from their home.
I was bored once so I wanted to test this site on a phone. It actually worked pretty well and it was almost the same like on a computer. The only visible difference was that you have a smaller screen on a phone.


Many models are online. Navigating on the site is easy. The design is original. The video quality is only in HD. Prices are usually affordable.


Nothing is bad.


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