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Date: July 10, 2017

Written by: Twen (Male, 18)


I don’t know if the name said it, but this site is all about performers masturbating while streaming live videos. One of the best things here is that you get to watch all these shows for free. There is no need to create an account to watch these shows. Users without an account also get to chat in shows, and they won’t be kicked out after some specific time. However, there are much more features available if you have an account. Now, if you want to stick to the free show for beginning, you can also have a great time because you won’t be alone in those shows. Tipping the performer is available and when someone does that, the performer does one of the fan’s requests. So you can just sit there and watch her do amazing things and you don’t have to pay for it. Even though all this is fun, you can’t have any of your wishes fulfilled if you are just sitting there. Performers are focusing on those fans who are tipping them and pretty much ignoring the rest of fans. I understand that because they are doing all this for some money.
Most of these performers also offer private showrooms. These shows are usually one on one are there are just a few people there. The price can vary from the girl to the next girl because not all of them are doing the same things. There are some shows that cost around 2-3 dollars and there are ones that cost about 5-6 dollars. The show is not paid with money but with tokens bought previously. It is really worth browsing the site a little before going to the private show because you can find better shows for little less money.
The design of the site is pretty usual. You don’t have anything spectacular here and it is really easy to get around the site. Most of these performers are amateurs so I think they will do their best to provide you with an amazing show. Besides the girls, there are also guys and transsexuals, but there is a lot less of them than the girls, which isn’t weird at all. If I was right, I saw that there were about 100 performers online here and I think that is enough of them because they really offer you best shows that there are. From few shows I have entered, I have seen that all of them had an HD camera and there wasn’t any lag or something similar to that. 2 out of 3 performers usually but their boobs or but in front of the camera and that was the best thing I have ever seen.
When it comes to finding the perfect performer for you, you will have just one feature for that. Categories are here to divide all these models into different sections. However, there is no advanced search so you can’t select more than 1 tag at one time.
One of the best the best things on this site is that you can look at couple shows. In most cases, they are either having sex, or the girl is giving him a blowjob. Imagine when they do in the private show if they are ready to do all that in the free show. Tipping them or just being in the private show is like creating your porn from dreams. For the right price, they will listen to your wishes and they will complete each one of them.


Finally, a site that really has a show that is free. You can browse the whole site without having an account. Performers here are relaxed and they do much more than just sitting in free shows. There are some really cheap private shows and the content there is worth every cent. Getting around the site is really easy because there are no useless features here. Every cam show I have entered was in HD and there were no problems with lag or something else. Performers focus on you in most cases when you are tipping them.


I didn't find anything wrong with this site, but the design looks a little bit outdated.


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