MyCams - This website is yet another livejasmin clone!


Date: May 10, 2017

Written by: Craig (Male, 35)


I am really sick and tired of these livejasmin clones popping up on every corner of the internet. People who run jasmin, I implore you, stop creating copies of your site! One livejasmin website is more than enough! I just wonder why do people fall for this trick. I mean, it is obvious from the very moment you visit a website like mycams that it is a copy. Not a fake, but a simply copy. Go ahead, visit livejasmin and then visit mycams, livesexawards or maturescam. Besides the obvious design of these websites which is basically the same thing in different color, these websites also share the same models! The only trick with maturescam is that it is the mature section of jasmin, while all of the others share all of the models, not just a specific type of them. What is enough is enough. At least when it comes to me. Because they constantly clone their website, I have decided not to give them money anymore. I hope that more of you would follow my example. They need to realize that the saturation of the market with their products is not going to bring anything good. In fact, it is soon going to make people, just like it has made me, start looking for alternatives. I might have found my alternative, but this is not the place to talk about that.

Anyway, if you really want to know everything about mycams, I am going to mention some things. But, I simply had to warn you that this website is a clone. Okay, so, even though the design is copied, it still works absolutely flawlessly. I mean, why wouldn’t it, it was copied from one of the best cam websites around after all. Everything that you can find on livejasmin when it comes to the design you can find it here. Well, almost everything, since the design on mycams has been a bit simplified. Some features were taken away, but those features are nothing special and you can dismiss them. I think that even livejasmin should get rid of those features as well.

Just like the design, the babes have been copied over from livejasmin as well. I mean, they haven’t clone the models if that’s what you are thinking :D They just added the same models in the registry of the mycams website. And, riddle me this – why are they online on mycams at the same time they are online on livejasmin? It really WOULD NOT bother me if they appeared online on two ‘different’ sites at different times. It really wouldn’t. But they don’t! They are on mycams at the same bloody time they are on livejasmin! JUST HOW LAZY IS THAT! You can’t, I repeat, you CAN’T do that! Well, obviously you can, because they have done it, but why? Seriously guys, why? Why are you trying to sell mycams as a unique and original website and being sloppy about it? At least put some effort into it man! Jeez!

I could go on and on about how I think that this move by livejasmin is a… well, you know the term. I really could, but I do not want to bother the people reading this review (if anyone is reading this review – I belive that most people will dismiss it based solely upon its title). All the information that you need to know is presented to you in the title of this review. mycams is such a blatant copy of livejasmin that I can’t fathom why do people purchase credits on it. Heck, even the credits ‘lure’ is the same. ‘Provide us with your credit card information and we will give you 9.99 credits for free!’. The only thing that makes this website different from livejasmin is its color. Seriously. It is just the bloody color! And the name, of course. I cannot take it anymore since I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. My opinion about livejasmin, the site which I have considered to be one of the best cam websites around has changed a lot since they started pumping out these clones. I simply cannot take them seriously since they are apparently just trying to get their hands on my money. I AM WILLING to pay for cam shows. I HAVE paid for cam shows in the past. I still do pay for them. But, I am not willing to give my money to people who think that they can get away from cloning their own website and presenting that clone to people under the guise of an original cam website. If I were you, I would stay as far away from mycams as it is humanly possible. I would stay away from jasmin as well, but I know that some people simply adore that website. So, there you have it – that is my rant… I mean my review. You might agree or disagree with me when it comes to this site, but I don’t really care. I just needed to get this off of my chest.


There are only two things which separate mycams and livejasmin. Those are the names and the colors. Everything else is the same, so I simply cannot say that there is anything good about mycams.


Well, everything on this website has been copied from livejasmin, which makes it unoriginal. So, yeah, everything about this site is bad IMHO.


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