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Date: September 22, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 25)


It was pretty nice to see this site in a brand new way because the older version of this site was really outdated and the design was really crap in my opinion. When you compare this site to the previous design, you can see that there were much less features available than now. There are also a lot more models online now. I counted more than 300 models online at the time I was online which is nice. Navigating through this site is now much easier because you can find anything on the main page. There is no need to search for something for minutes and then get disappointed if you don’t find it. There are more than 10000 registered models on the site and that number rises with each day. This design has a dark background color that points out most of important things on the site. The previous design was in bright red color that made it difficult to make difference between features and background of the site.
When it comes to shows, you can either look at free ones or at premium shows. Free shows are available for everyone. Even for those users who don’t have an account still. Good thing about free shows is that when you hold your cursor over a show, a small video from the current show will start. You can find out what is going on in the show at this moment so there won’t be any confusion. IF you expected to see model sitting in the private show, you were wrong. These models are ready to do pretty much anything in the free show. There is a toy included in the free show that spices things up. You can control the speed of a dildo stuck in a model’s cunt. However, you need to have an account for this feature. Basically, when you tip the model, the speed of a vibrator increases. Besides that, you won’t find anything else. There is a free chat window included in the free show so you can talk with the model. I started asking her about all the things I can see in the private show. If I didn’t like some model, I would just skip to the next one without paying anything first.
Private shows are filled with all kinds of content. It depends what you are looking for, but in most cases, you will find all the things you want. Not all shows are the same and that is why you should try to find everything about a private show while you are still in the free show. That is why the price varies also. Some shows can cost per minute and yet, some shows can cost even per minute. Most shows have a toy included in the private show, but some models are there only to get naked and take with you. The price is not important when it comes to the quality of these shows. If the show is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is the best one.
Searching for these shows is pretty important when you have many shows on the main page. The left side of the site is dedicated to this and you can select one of many features to find some model. Sadly, there is no advanced search available so you will have to select one tag at the time. You will still have to look at a bigger group of models so it will take some time to find someone specific. If you are a regular user of the site, then you must know some model’s name so you can search for it with the search engine. There is also a section that allows you to select any model to be in your favorites tab. You will get notifications every time that model comes online or starts a show.
The video quality is pretty amazing on this site. I didn’t open many shows, but from what I saw, I can say that most shows were in HD. The most important thing is that they were all in fluid motion. Some cameras were even equipped with movement options so I noticed that models controlled their cameras with a remote control during a live stream. I didn’t see this feature on many sites and it left me speechless. Many models were streaming from a studio. They must be professional models and I don’t like that so much. I was glad when I found some amateur models because they act more natural in most situations.
Paying these shows is done with credits. The store offers you only a couple of packages. There are no discounts on bigger purchases and the price of 1 credit is exactly . I didn’t rush things with bigger packages because I didn’t know if I will spend all those credits that easy.
Using this site is possible on a phone. I tried using it on my Android phone and it had only minor mistakes. There were some lags on the site at the time I was there. Shows loaded pretty fast and they were in fluid motion. I miss clicked
some things from time to time because of the much smaller screen than on a PC.


The video quality is usually in HD. Shows are always available and they load pretty fast. Prices are affordable in most cases.


There is no advanced search engine.


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