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Date: November 3, 2017

Written by: Nikola (Male, 27)


When I came to this site a couple of months ago for the first time, some things looked different than now. This update really improved the look of this site and that made it much easier to use this site. If someone was used to the older version, he can always go back to that version with only one click. While I was still checking this site to see what changed, I was constantly annoyed with that pop up thing that asked you to create an account. Sadly, you can’t exit that window so I had to reset the page to make it disappear.
For me, it’s pretty important that the site has a lot of online models. When I say a lot of models, I mean at least 300 of them. This site had somewhere around that number and that is enough to find pretty much anything you can think off. At some hours, you can find up to 500 models and that is the highest as this number goes.
I like to explore a site for features that can help you out with the search for some show. This site didn’t have much features and the one I was looking for was missing. The only thing I noticed were some categories that narrowed the search down to less models. You could also select the type of the show with some of those categories. However, this site doesn’t have the advanced search and that is the feature that makes everything much easier for everyone.
After finding some show I thought I liked, I wanted to know what that show is about. You test the show for free without an account even. Most models are only streaming in some tight revealing clothes just to tease you. They really look pretty nice and it is impossible not to stare at them. Before opening a show, you can see the current live show in that small window box instead of models profile picture. This can tell you what happens in the show without opening it.
If you expect to see many things in the free show, you will be disappointed. Models won’t do pretty much anything in there but just sit there. The best thing you can do is talk with the model about her private show. They will usually tell you pretty much everything you want to know. That is enough to decide if you want to look at that private show or not. If you simply don’t like what you find out, you can move to the next show for free.
Once you open a private show, a counter will start and you can see how long you are in the private show. The price of a private show varies in most cases from per minute to around per minute. Most shows cost around per minute which isn’t that expensive. I found out that the price usually tells you nothing about the quality of the show. If the show is expensive or cheap, it doesn’t mean it is good or bad. You have to open a show to see if that show really is worth your money.
Not all models will do the same thing in the private show. Some of them will do much more than other ones. Some of them will just take off the clothes and that is pretty much it. However, there are models who like to use a toy during a live stream. Those shows are the best ones in my opinion.
One of the most important things on this site is to make sure you have enough money for at least 5 minutes in the free show. The store offers you 3 packages and the price of 1 credit is exactly . The best package to start with is the cheapest one. You get 25 credits in there and that is quite enough to see if this site is good or not.
Most models nowadays have an HD camera that runs in fluid motion. You can see pretty much everything in the show clearly without struggling to see something.
This site has a version for a phone. It works on my Android phone without any additional program. All features were the same like on a pc so it was easy to navigate on a phone as well.


Enough models were online. The video quality is usually in HD. Prices are mostly affordable.


Some search features are missing from this site.


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