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Date: January 23, 2018

Written by: Bart (Male, 24)


When I was here the last time, I remember this site much differently. I even thing that the background color was different and everything else. You can still go to the previous version, but there is no point in doing that. While I was just browsing this site to see what it offers, I ran into one small problem. I was constantly annoyed with a pop up ad that just would go away. When that appeared, I couldn’t close it. I had to create an account or refresh the page to make it go away. That wasn’t a good start for a site that was renewed and should be better.
I didn’t want to create anything on the site before seeing if it is worth it or not. Just from the main page I saw that there were enough shows and that there were some features that can narrow the search. You can either find a show manually by going through all shows, or by narrowing the search and then going through models that are left.
There weren’t actually that many features on this site. It maybe seemed like that, but it was just one feature. You have around 40 or more categories and you only get to select one at the time. That helped out, but not as much as I thought it would. There were more than 200 models online on the site and those categories didn’t do such a nice job. I was left with around 150 models after using most categories and that was still the same like on the beginning. I would still have to go through 2 pages of models to find the best one among them.
Free shows are available here and you could open them even without an account. There is no point in spending much time in there if you are not willing to spend some money. These shows are not the same like on most sites. You actually get to see something in free shows. However, that is not free. Models need to be tipped if you expect them to do anything. I think I got lucky in a first show I opened. The only thing I saw was model’s big butt across the whole screen. That was very nice to see. Before even opening a show, you can see what happens in a show. Just by holding your cursor over a show, a preview of that show starts. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to open it and you can look for the next show.
Prices of private shows can be different. Some shows are very cheap. They cost like per minute. That seems very cheap, but they really were that cheap. There were also those expensive shows. They cost around or per minute, which is not expensive like on some other sites where you see shows for per minute.
The price usually doesn’t tell you if a show is good or not. Some cheaper shows can be good and some expensive shows are not that exciting. That’s why I didn’t look at prices when I opened shows. I just asked what will I see in there and if I got the right answer, I would open a private show.
Some models would do more than others and that was expected. However, I didn’t want to end up in a show where a model wouldn’t do almost anything. The best show I opened was with a model who started using a dildo at the beginning of her show. I just relaxed and enjoyed the show while she does her thing. All shows are pretty much like a strip show, but some models will include more things in their shows.
The video quality varies here. I didn’t know what to expect because the video quality was not so good on the previous version. This site had better quality, but not all shows improved. There were still shows in lower video quality, but there were more shows in HD than before.
The site also worked on a phone. Everything worked well, but I didn’t use it much because it was just too small on a phone.


The site improved. You can go to the previous version if you like it. Prices are usually affordable. Most shows can be very good if you are willing to pay for them.


Although there were around 200 models online, there should be more models. Searching for models is a problem. There are not nearly enough features available.


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