AliceX - This site was a waste of my time!


Date: March 30, 2017

Written by: Kirk (Male, 25)


Promises are hard to fulfill, especially when it comes to new technologies. I am well aware of this. But, for the life of me, I can't understand why AliceX fails to deliver its promises. Seamless VR cam experience? I'm still looking for that, especially since AliceX definitely does not deliver that kind of an experience. From the very moment I put on my VR gear and tested this site I knew that it was going to be bad. I just knew. You see, my eyes started watering immediately because everything was blurry. I don't know why – I've used my Samsung smartphone and the Samsung VR equipment. It worked on VR porn sites and numerous other VR videos, so I figured it was gonna work on here too. But I was wrong. I simply could not focus on the lady performing. I could see that she was smoking hot and doing certain things, but everything was so blurry that it made me sick. Instead of completely quitting the site, I decided to go with another performer. Worst mistake ever!

You see, by this point I really haven’t realized that the site doesn’t work. I thought it was my gear, so I fumbled with it. I thought it was that models’ camera so I decided to go to another model. In both instances, I was wronf. It was the website. It just wouldn’t work with my phone, no matter what I did. I installed the latest Chrome for mobile devices before visiting AliceX, because it says on their website that it only supports Chrome. Still, it didn’t work. Trying this website to work on other browsers was a complete waste of time. I have a friend that also has a VR gear, so I contacted him and had him visit this site (you know, the registration is free). He reported the same problem. That is when I have decided not to even bother with this site. It might have really hot girls, it might have cheap prices (I have no idea about the rates, I haven’t tested anything out simply because THE SITE DID NOT WORK!), it might promise you the best VR webcam experience in the world, but you should not believe it. I am sure that some people managed to get it working for them, but I haven’t. And, tbh, I’m really disappointed because of that.

I really wanted to watch a VR webcam show. It seemed like a great idea, just like VR porn was a great idea. But, when the ‘best’ website doesn’t work then I decided not to bother with the other websites. I don’t recommend this site and I’m quite positive that it is a waste of money. The technology is rather new and there are bound to be problems, just like the one I’ve encountered. So, wait a year or two before trying out VR cam shows.


I think that the only positive about this website is the hotness of the models.


The site doesn’t work.


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