Bongacams - This site surprised me


Date: December 5, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 18)


At first, I always closed this site when it opened because it seemed strange. I ran into this site some time ago, but I was redirected because of some pop up ad. However, this time, I actually wanted to see this site. When I opened it, it was in my native language. When you see something like that, you would probably close it because you don’t expect that. However, I just translated this site back to English and everything was good again. It didn’t take me long to figured it out because this site is well organized. It’s really easy to use it and there were no useless things on the main page except those ads that popped up from time to time.
The first good thing I noticed here was the number of online models. There were 800 models online and that was quite enough for my taste. It’s not too much and it’s not too low number of them to not find someone. Of course, there were much more registered models here, but not nearly enough of them were online.
I started my search for some model because I didn’t want to waste time. It was quite easy to find someone here. I found a couple features that were more than enough. The first thing I noticed was categories. I don’t even know how many were available. More than 50 for sure and each one shows how many models were online in there. I didn’t stick to categories because there was something much better here. The advanced search was available and that is what I like to see on every site. I could select more than 10 tags here and that helped me out very much. I just needed to select one model that I was left with and I was ready for some fun.
Luckily, most models had free shows available. That was pretty useful because I could see everything in a show before paying for it. If something wasn’t good, I would just go to the next one. I didn’t see much in free shows actually. Not that I expected some action there, but I little tease would be great. Most models wanted to talk about what will they do, but there is a profile that gives you the same information. You can see how much a show costs, what happens in there and some other things. If that is not enough to select a show, I don’t know what is.
The next thing is a private show. Once I decide to go there, I just started a private show. The price of this show was per minute. The price was in tokes and that was around 20 tokens. Most shows were around that price and that is not too much. Of course, you can find some more expensive shows but I didn’t have any need for that.
I forgot to mention that I needed to buy enough tokes before going to a show. Enough packages were available and I started with a package that had 78 tokens. I paid 10 EUR for that and it was quite enough for the beginning. I didn’t spend much money on it and if I find something I don’t like, I can just quit the site without much guilt. The most expensive package had 740 tokens and it costs 75 EUR. When you buy bigger packages, you get them for a cheaper price.
Some models offered much better shows than others. You could find shows that included sex toys and similar things. There was a tag ‘VibraToy’ on those shows so you know what you are getting into. The rest of models wanted to just get naked and that is pretty much it. Some of them wanted to do more but not all of them.
The video quality was pretty nice. Most models had HD cameras and those shows were in fluid motion. Pretty much, all shows were in fluid motion and there were no lags in any of them. I noticed that some cameras were remote controlled and that is not easy to find nowadays.
Like most other sites, this site works on a phone also. Everything was the same like on a computer, but it was just smaller. I saw 5 times less at once than on a computer and I couldn’t get used to that.


Many models are online. The video quality is high. Prices are affordable usually. The site works on a phone.


Some ads appeared from time to time.


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