Bongacams - This site surprised me multiple times


Date: November 8, 2017

Written by: Jovan (Male, 18)


If you ran into this review, you probably visited a porn site or a live cam site at some moment of your life. Before I found out about Ad Block, I was constantly redirected to some site that was filled with some ads and nothing of that was useful. That is exactly what I thought of this site when I opened it. Everything on there was in my native language. I was pretty confused because the link said I was on the right site. It took me some time to realize that the site was translated automatically and I could change it back to English. This site offers you 30 languages in which this site can be selected and that is pretty amazing.
It was pretty hard not to notice how many online models were on the site. There were nearly 1000 of them and that is pretty much for any site. When there are so many models online, it is pretty hard not to find a show that you like.
Navigating on this site is pretty simple. Everything you need is on the main page and everything you see there is useful. When you open this site, you will only see girls on the display, but there are other sections with guys, couples and trannies.
I expected that it would be much harder to find some show on this site, but I was wrong. At first, I only noticed categories. There were much categories and every category shown how many models were in there. That was one way to narrow the search, but there were a lot of models still when you selected either one of those categories. I found the advanced search pretty fast and after that, I didn’t want to use anything besides this feature. I could select around a lot of tags at once and that would narrow the search down to nearly 50 models or so.
Once I found a show that I liked, I tried it in the free version. Every model has a free show as well as the private show. The smart thing to do is to open a free show first to see how a model looks like and if the show is in good quality. I knew I wasn’t going to see any action in the free show so I went straight to the point. Models actually helped me to find out most things about them before starting a private show. You can also look at their profiles for free if you need some extra information.
Private shows can be really cheap on this site. I found a lot of shows that cost around per minute. That was the perfect price because you didn’t have to spend much money. Some models were ready to do more than others and that was pretty ok with me. I found enough about some model so I knew what I was getting into. I spent around 10 minutes in the private show for not so much money and I actually left that place pleased.
I didn’t try out that many shows, but in most cases, the video quality was pretty nice. You could see everything clearly and show run in fluid motion. Off course, some shows have better quality than others, but generally, the video quality was watchable.
I was curious how this site looks like on a phone and I was amazed. Everything was pretty much the same and it wasn’t hard to use it. The only thing I think is a flaw is that you have a smaller screen than you are used to. Besides that, everything works great.


Navigating on the site is quite easy. Many models are online. Prices are affordable in most cases. The site works on a phone. Most models have a pretty nice video quality.


Nothing was bad on this site.


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