- This site stayed the same since I was there for the first time


Date: February 5, 2018

Written by: Benjamin (Male, 34)


Even though a site is good, there should be some changes after a year or so. All sites should keep with the trend and there should be no exceptions. There is one thing I didn’t like the first time I was on the site and I still don’t. Everything is so bright. In my opinion, these sites should be dark and there should only be shows. There is no need for ads or something other than shows.
The best thing at the beginning was the counter that showed me how many models were online. This site had around 600 models and that is the thing that also didn’t change. I mean, there is no need for more models. However, if there were fewer models, I would be a bit down. This is just perfect because you can definitely find at least one or two models that are suitable for you.
You can select how you want to look at the site. There are 3 different views and the gallery one is my favorite one. I see more shows than in any other view and I still know if a show is free or not. I don’t need any more info at the beginning other than if a show is free or not.
Finding shows here is pretty easy. You can either browse through all shows or use some features. I personally don’t like to browse through many models so I just used features. The best one is the advanced search. It’s a bit different than I was used to, but it does its job. You can select many tags at one time and that narrows the search down to around 10 models or so. You can select that one model easily when you don’t have many models at the display.
This site has some common things with other live cam sites. Once you are in a free show, you can’t do anything. You can just look at the model, but she doesn’t do anything. Even if she does something, that will be a little dance or something like that. They don’t want to get naked in a free show because you can’t tip them in there. That would be an advantage in free shows if it were up to me.
The real action is hidden in private shows. The price of a private show is always different, but you can easily find out the average price. Most shows cost around per minute which doesn’t seem much really. However, even if you stay in the cheapest show for 20 minutes, you will lose a bit more money. That’s why you have to find out something about a show before paying for it.
Each model has a profile and you can find out enough to see what’s going on in that show. If you don’t like it, you can simply go to the next one.
Some models will do more things in their shows and that’s expected of them. I prefer shows in which I get to see more than just a strip show. I maybe am asking for much, but if I’m paying for it, I want it to be like I want it. I wouldn’t want to pay for something that doesn’t include things that I expected to see. The most you can see is when a model plays with a dildo. Other than that, you can’t see much.
The video quality was pretty good, but it should improve a bit. Some shows were in both HD and in fluid motion, but some shows were in medium quality. Those shows seemed nice, but it would be better if they were in HD as well.
The last thing about this site is that it works on a phone. I don’t know how shows work on a phone, but I just know that a site opens on a regular browser on any smart phone. It looks just like on a PC so that makes it easier to use.


The site has enough online models. You can narrow the search to a small number of models. It’s not so hard to navigate on the site.


The site hasn’t changed one single thing in a period of one year. Everything is just too bright.


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