CameraBoys - This site looks the same like 5 other sites


Date: October 31, 2017

Written by: Michelle (Female, 29)


It didn’t take me long to realize that this site was a copy of I like to see something original always, but this site didn’t change a single thing. I’m not saying that I don’t like this site. Navigating on this site is pretty easy because everything important is pointed out. You have shows and search features in a visible place and that is what matter only. I saw around 250 online models at the time I was there and that is not bad. I checked this site out a couple of times and there were between 200 and 400 models usually.
All guys on this site had both free and private shows. You don’t have to pay for a show before testing it. The free show allows you to see what some show is all about and to see if a model is hot or not. You don’t need an account for a free show, but you will stay listed as a guest and you will probably be ignored by every model. I knew I won’t get lucky in a free show so I asked a couple of thing about the private show right away. Guys were responding to every text I asked and I found out enough to continue.
Before starting a private show, I bought the cheapest package just so I can test this private show. The price is usually around per minute which isn’t high. If you spend around 10 minutes in the private show, you will see everything that you want. I ran into some shows that were definitely overpriced. They cost around per minute and I don’t know what was worth that much. Later I found out that the price doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the show so I didn’t even bother to search for a show based on the price. Guys can’t do much in the private show so I was just looking for them by their appearances.
The store has a couple of packages for you and the price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR in all cases. The price just goes down if you buy bigger packages. If you select to buy some expensive packages, you will get a small amount of bonus credits.
Finding a perfect model was easy on this site. I used the advanced search and that did a pretty nice trick. You can select multiple tags at the same time and you won’t be disappointed. I got at least 10 times less models on the display than before. I saw that there were around 30 categories here, but I didn’t even try to use them after seeing the advanced search.
If you are away from your home, you can simply use this site on a phone. It worked pretty well on my Android and I don’t have anything bad to say about it.
Most guys here have an HD camera that runs in fluid motion. I didn’t open 1 show that was in bad quality and that was the most important thing for me. I saw that there were clearly both amateur and professional models because you can see the difference when a model streams from a studio and from a house.


Enough guys were online. Navigating on the site is easy. Most shows are in HD. Prices are affordable usually. You can sue this site on a phone.


The only thing I didn’t like about this site is that it is a copy of some other site.


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