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Date: July 4, 2017

Written by: Robby (Male, 24)


I know that almost all live cam sites are the same, but there is always a small thing that makes the difference between them. Talking about the design is not that important, but this site has everything placed different from other sites. That is what makes this site unique. Besides that, shows look little different than they do on most of sites. I thought this was only live cam site, but there is more than that. There are videos and photos also. The main difference from shows is that videos are not free. They need to be paid first and they become unlocked for limited time.
Registering to the site is really free and there are just few empty fields that need to be filled. Next thing that anyone would do is get credits, but that can be risky to do before looking at few shows. There are no free shows sadly. So every live show needs to be paid first and then you get to judge them. Every performer has its profile and there are much more information than I have expected. Pictures are in most cases available to everyone, but sometimes, you have to pay for them. There are more than 300,000 videos and 200,000 photos available at all times. However, they are added daily so that number just increases every day. I have noticed that most of these models are German, but there are also English and Dutch performers.
Videos are without any doubt really good. The quality of every video was better than good and there were no bad angles in any second of that video. Pictures are also really good. They are taken from the best angles and they can be zoomed in to see every part of the body clearly. The price of every video and picture can vary, but let’s say that the average price is about 110 tokens or ‘DirtyCents’. If the quality of any video or picture is medium, than the price is lover and if the quality is the best that there is, the price is higher. Pictures are little different when it comes to charging them. They are also about 100 tokens, but you don’t buy just one picture, but you buy a whole photo gallery of one model. There are about 20 pictures there. Some models charge about 50 tokens and some charge more than that.
The public shows are not free. They need to be paid first and the price depends on every performer. Some of them charge 99 tokens per one minute and some of them charge even 299 tokens per one minute. Those public shows usually don’t have much nudity because those shows are cheap and almost everyone can see that. The private shows are what most of the fans are looking for and they cost about 200 more tokens per one minute. The private show is not always same because some models are ready to do more than others. There is always some line that should not be crossed.
Tokens can be bought with four different payment methods. There are 4 packages with tokens. The least expensive one is 10 EUR and it has 800 tokens. The most expensive one is 50 EUR and it has 4000 tokens. There is not bonus on any package or some discount. You get how much you buy.
Filtering performers is available on this site and it has a lot of categories that can be chosen. Filer can support up to 4 categories at once and the search is narrowed to just few almost the same models. There were about 200 models online at the time and there were a lot more registered on the site. Selecting the performer’s city or country is also available in this new feature. I haven’t seen this anywhere else and it works like that you need to click on one city on the map and every performer from there is displayed.


There are a lot of features here that are really useful when I was searching for performers. Selecting the city of one performer was never available on any other site, but this site also has that. Although there are not free shows, videos or pictures, the prices of all these things are really cheap. More than enough models were online at the time and there are a lot more registered on the site. There are so much videos and pictures that they can’t be counted. New filter method is available here and search for something specific is much easier because the filer can support more than 3 categories at once.


Free shows are not available here and that makes everything else risky because paying for something without testing the show first is not what I would do.


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