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Date: October 13, 2017

Written by: Norbi (Male, 24)


When I opened this site, I didn’t see much, but what I saw was important. You don’t need anything else than shows on the main page. That is exactly what this site had. Besides shows, there were only search features and that is pretty much it. I just didn’t like that this site has a bright color as a background color. It kinds of distracts you from the main thing and that something you don’t want. If I saw right, this site counts around 300 online models at most hours which isn’t bad. There are more than 10000 thousands of registered models here and that number just keeps rising up. Navigating on this site is pretty easy because you don’t have many things so it is pretty hard to miss click on something.
As I mentioned, there are a couple of search features, but let’s start with the advanced search. You can select a lot of different tags at the same time and there are more than 50 tags at the display. You can get a pretty nice result if you are lucky enough. I tried searching for different models multiple times and I got a pretty neat result. You can also search for some model by her screen name if you know one. That seems pointless if you are a new member on the site. I didn’t find categories on this site and that just needs to be there.
Luckily, every online model has a free show for everyone. You don’t even need an account to try these shows out, but that is something I wouldn’t recommend. Creating an account is free like anywhere else and you should do it right away if you want to use this site. Every free show allows you to chat with the model completely free. You can find out a lot about some model if you are willing to. Don’t expect to see something in the free show, because you probably won’t. I started talking with the model right away and she actually responded to every text I sent her. If you don’t like something about a model, you can simply move to the next one for free.
The private show requires you to have an account and tokens on it. The price usually varies from per minute to or more per minute. However, most shows have a price around per minute which isn’t too high. You can find pretty nice shows for cheap price if you really want to. It is worth spending some time while searching for a model because you can save some money. Not all models have same shows which isn’t hard to believe. Some models will do a lot of kinky things and yet, the rest won’t. That is exactly why you should find something out about a model. It doesn’t matter if the show is expensive or not, it can be good in both ways. Some cheaper shows can be better than expensive shows.
In most cases, you will find shows in good video quality. Most shows have an HD camera and they are mostly in fluid motion. There is however some shows that aren’t in that good video quality, but they are still watchable. You can find both amateur and professional models here. It depends what you like, but I think that there are more amateur models than professional ones.
Using this site is available also on a phone. As I heard, it works on every device, but I tested it just on my Android phone. Shows loaded pretty nice and they were in the same quality as on a pc. Some features don’t work the same like on a pc, but you can get ahold of them really fast. This version on a phone is perfect for short trips, but not for a longer time.
Besides live shows, you can also find recorded videos. There are around 1000 recorded videos as I saw and the price also varies there. You can find videos that cost 5 tokens and you can also find ones that cost 400. Not all of these albums are videos. You also have videos which is also good. Again, the price doesn’t have anything with the quality of the content so be careful when you buy something.


Prices are affordable in most shows. The video quality is usually in HD. Free shows are available.


I didn’t find categories. Some shows aren’t in HD.


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