- This site is very good for watching shows


Date: January 11, 2018

Written by: Mike (Male, 21)


This was one of the first sites I visited when I got into live cam shows so I had to write this review finally. At first, it didn’t look good at all because everything seemed outdated to me. There were too little shows on the main page and I didn’t want to scroll too much. However, I saw that there are 3 different views of the site. I liked gallery view the most because it had much more shows on the main page and I saw if the show was free or not.
There were quite enough models on the site when I was there so I found someone special easily. There were around 600 of them online everything I was on the site. I didn’t worry about not finding a show even once.
As I said, there are free shows in some cases. I checked out few shows first to see if this site was worth it. Some shows were interesting and some of them sucked. It’s pretty much the same on every site because not every show can be as good as some other show. I could see what happens usually in a free show without doing anything. If a model seemed nice, I would take her to a private show. I really didn’t spend much time in free shows because that was just a waste of my time. It was enough to see good video quality and a pretty model and I would go to a private show.
Some models are willing to tease you a bit by taking off a part of the clothes or doing something sexy. However, some other models won’t do pretty much anything in a free show. How can I take her to a private show if I don’t know what she offers me?
Finding a show is pretty important on sites where you spend money. I wouldn’t spend money on something random. There are few features that narrow the search down to fewer models. The advanced search is my favorite one because it allows me to select many tags at once. I had 10 times less models than before after I was done with the filter.
When I decided to go to a private show, I made sure I had enough credits on a profile. There were few packages in the store and I started with the cheapest one to see if this site is worth it or not. I didn’t spend much money and I wouldn’t regret it if I wasted it.
Prices of private shows vary from one show to another. You can find both cheap and expensive shows. However, there is a thing here. Cheap shows don’t have to be bad and expensive shows don’t have to be good. You can find all kinds of shows for different prices. Most shows cost around per minute and that seems reasonable. But don’t expect to be in a show for 2 minutes and to see everything you want. That is not how things work. If you are seeking for some action, plan to be in there for at least 10 minutes.
I was in around 10 private shows so far and I saw pretty much everything I could. Some models like to do more things than others and that is expected of them. However, almost everyone expect to see all kinds of things from all models, but that is not possible. You should find out something about a show before entering it. There are things pointed out that can be seen in a show and that can’t be seen in there. I prefer shows in which sex toys are included. There is really nothing better than seeing a model that is playing with a nice long dildo. One more thing that gets me off is role paly. Some models were even prepared for that.
The video quality was different in some shows. Some shows were in HD and some of them were in medium quality. I like that all shows run in fluid motion so there were no lags at all. There is nothing worse than seeing a show that is lagging constantly.
As you probably know, this site works on a phone. I mean, every site can be opened on a phone, but some site work better than others. It was a bit hard to navigate on the site over a phone, but I didn’t even bother to use it.
There are also recorded videos here. I noticed them at the end of my journey so I didn’t look at them. However, I saw that some videos are long and some are short. There are some free videos and the rest of them have different prices.


Many models are online. You can choose the view of the site. Some shows can be quite nice. The video quality is usually good.


The site looks a bit outdated.


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