MyCams - This site is too similar to a couple more sites


Date: October 6, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 21)


When you spend a lot of time on these kinds of sites like me, you see some things that are similar on most sites. This site for instance has the same design like 5 or more other sites. I don’t mind that actually, but the site should always be creative as more as it can. This site offers more than just girls. You can find guys and transsexual models here also. The site counts around 500 online models at most hours and sometimes even more. Models are from all over the world so you can find more models at some times when you should actually be asleep because at that time, those models wake up or something like that. The design makes everything reachable with just one click and the main page has all the important things.
The first thing you should do when you have a lot of models is narrow the sear a little bit. There are a couple of feature that can help you out with that. The first feature I tried was the advanced search. I already knew how that worked, but I am always surprised when I get a pretty good result. This feature allows you to select more than 5 tags and you get a lot less models on the display than before. Sometimes, you will have still a lot of models on the display, but it will be a lot easier to find some model you like. There are also categories. You have more than 30 categories and every category has at least 1 model in there so you won’t open a category with no models in there. IF you know some models by her name, you can search for her with the regular search engine also.
If you find some models that you like really, you can put her in the favorites tab. You get notifications about every model in there about what she does and when is she online.
When you want to open a private show, it is pretty important to test the show. There are both free and private shows and I would recommend you to try the free show first. You can chat with the model about pretty much anything and they are pretty responsive. The free chat won’t give you any nudity so there is no need to be constantly boring about that. Models will just sit on the bed and do nothing. You can only try to find out as more as you can about a private show just so you don’t waste your money on something you don’t like. If you scroll the free show down a bit, you will see model’s profile with a photo gallery included for free.
The private show has different prices with different models. The price can go from per minute to per minute. However, most shows cost per minute which isn’t too high. Models will usually get naked for starters in the private show, but you can find models who are here just to make a friend. The most important thing is not to be rude to models and you will probably get to see everything that you want.
The video quality is really nice here. Every show I opened was in HD and it was in fluid motion. Some cameras were better than other ones, but generally, they were all pretty nice. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream which was pretty nice. I noticed that this site has both amateur and professional models. I kind of prefer amateur ones because they act natural in every situation.
Paying for these shows is done with previously bought credits. You can see multiple packages in the store and you just have to select one of them. The least expensive package has 18 credits and it cost 21 EUR. You can also select one of those expensive packages if you want, but I would recommend that for starters because you maybe won’t get to spend all credits. The most expensive package has 158 credits and you can get it for 161 EUR. Every package except the least expensive one has a bonus amount of credits. The biggest amount you can get is 10 credits with the biggest package.
This site works pretty well on a phone. I tried on both iPhone and Android and I don’t have much to complain about. The only difference is that not everything works on a phone. I didn’t expect it to do so I wasn’t too surprised.


The video quality is in HD in all cases. Prices are affordable in most cases. Many models are online so you will probably find something you like.


The site just has the same design as a couple more sites.


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