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Date: December 6, 2017

Written by: Lord (Male, 21)


This isn’t the first time I am on this site, but I decided to write this review after a couple visits here. Nothing seemed special when I saw the same of the site. It’s pretty common to see a model strip in her show. I mean that is why you come here, right?
After a minute or so, I saw that this site is about playing a game to get something you want. This site doesn’t have those regular shows in which you talk with a model nor do things like that. Once you are in here, you go straight to the main thing. At least most people do that because they don’t waste their money on stupid things.
I think that this site has around 250 online models. There can’t be more than that for sure. However, I saw more than 200000 registered models here and it just seems strange that there aren’t more of them online.
Sadly, I saw that there are no free shows. There is only a demo version to see how to use shows here. You can play a couple rounds with some model. That show is prerecorded so you will always see the same thing in there. The game goes like this. You have to guess if the next card that reveals will be lower or higher than the previous one. For every won round, model will take off one piece of her clothes. If you lose a round, she will put on clothes again.
Since you can’t find out more things about a show through a private show, you have to be extra careful when you select a private one. If you want to find a model with only categories, you won’t have that good time. There are 10 categories and that doesn’t narrow the search down enough. Some categories have 10 models in them, and some of them have 100 or more. Luckily, you can use the advanced search. This feature allowed me to select more than 10 different things at one and that made it much easier for me to find a model. Even though there weren’t many models online, I managed to find one I liked pretty fast.
Now is the time to go to the private show. Before going in there, I bought around 20 credits. I thought that would be enough for a couple of minutes in there. I just wanted to see how it’s like in the show for the first time.
The prices are really cheap here, or it just seems so. This one show cost per minute and that is really not high. Or I just thought it wasn’t much. Once I was in the show, I started playing this game and you win one round and you lose one. So basically, you are still at the beginning, but the money keeps going away. I didn’t realize that while I was playing because it seemed pretty amazing at that moment. I don’t know how much time I spent in there, but at one moment, I decided to quit the show. It seems like I spent there more time than I could have, but I wasn’t disconnected. That is when i realized that I made a huge mistake. All that extra time in there was charged later directly on my credit card. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t have any money left on the account, the bill went straight to the credit card. That is when I decided that it is time to stop these silly things.
Up until now, this never happened to me. However, like they say, there is a first time for everything obviously. I know that I won’t make a mistake like this one ever again.
The video quality was pretty nice here. I checked around 5 or so shows and it was usually in HD. Shows were in fluid motion so it was pretty easy to watch them. They didn’t lag at any moment and I can’t ask for anything more than that.
What I like to do with every site is check it out on a phone. Like every other site, I worked on my phone without any additional program.


Interesting game in private shows. The video quality is decent. Enough models are online. The site works on a phone.


Even though prices are cheap, you get charged extra on your credit card if you spend more time in shows than you should.


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