CamContacts - This site is outdated


Date: October 17, 2017

Written by: Zack (Male, 23)


When you open this site, you get a feeling that you opened something that is not in use anymore. That is not the case here, but still, the design should change as soon as possible. When you want to look at live shows, you can get confused with the main page. You have to look closely to the side of the page to find a section with live shows. It took me some time to find that button. There are the most registered models on this site I have ever seen. There are around 100000 registered models here and usually around 1000 of them are online constantly. You can find more at some times and that is pretty nice. It is pretty hard to navigate on this site because nothing is in a visible place or pointed out like on most other places.
This site doesn’t have a free show available. You can only open a free chat window in which you can chat with the model for free. However, that doesn’t do much because you still can know what is going on in an actual show so you have to risk it when you want to open a show. Models also have a free profile so you can check that out for free also.
Usually, private shows are really cheap. You can find shows from .50 per minute to per minute. All these prices are affordable or most people and there aren’t many overpriced shows on this site. I learned that the price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show. You can find pretty nice shows that are cheap and you won’t regret spending that money. Models are pretty polite and they can do all kinds of things if you find the right model.
You should be careful when you start searching for a show because there are some sections in which no nudity is shows. Those categories are just with models who want to make a friend over this site. That is not what I was looking for so I didn’t even want to check it out. There are no search features on this site, but the one that allows you to search for a model by her screen name. If you want to find something else, you have to scroll down until you find it.
When it actually comes to searching for a show, take some time to explore this site, you can find softcore, hardcore and many more categories relay fast. Not all models offer the same shows and that is also one of the reasons why the price varies. Like I said, some models are here just to make a friend, but the rest of them are here to please you on all kinds of different ways.
The video quality is not so good on this site. I expected to see a much better video quality because there are so many models here, but I was disappointed. Most shows were in low quality, but there were some shows that were pretty nice. You can clearly see that there are amateur and professional models here, but there are much more amateur models than professional ones.
This site has a version for a phone also and that version is much better than the one for a PC. Everything works the same like on a PC and maybe even better than that. You can use this site on a phone without any additional program or something like that. Generally, you can have much more fun on a phone with this site than on a computer.


The best things about this site are cheap prices. You can find pretty good shows for a small amount of money. Many models are online on this site.


The video quality sucks in most cases. No search features are available. Free shows aren’t available. The design is outdated and it makes it hard to use this site.


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