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Date: October 12, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 35)


If you like to look at these sites every day, you start to notice many details that are pretty important on a site. This site is not like many other sites. Instead of having mostly shows on the main page, this site has a slide show of pictures from different models. I guess that those models are the best one around the site in the current week or month. I am still not sure if the best models are chosen weekly or monthly. If you want to browse the shows, you have to open a different tab. The site counts more than 1000 models at most hours and that number always varies. Models on this site are from all over the world and that is why there are more models at different times. There are tens of thousands of registered models on the site and there are more and more models each day. Navigating on the side is pretty easy because most things are in a visible place and they are just one click away.
When you start searching for some show, you won’t have any problems. I found many features for this exact thing, but the best one for me was the advanced search. You can select more than 10 different tags at the same time and you have more than 50 tags at the display. I got a really good result after each search and I wouldn’t change this feature for anything. There are also categories on the top of the page, but it looks like that there is something missing. Around 10 categories are only available and that seems strange. If you know some model by screen name, you can search for that model with the regular search engine.
Every online model that isn’t in a private show has a free show available for everyone. You don’t even need an account to open one of these shows, but I wouldn’t recommend using this site without an account. You won’t get to say anything in the free show and you will most likely be ignored by every model. Creating an account is completely free and you won’t be listed as a guest. Every free show has a chat window that allows you to chat with the model for an unlimited time. It didn’t take me long to realize that I won’t see any nudity in the free show so I started asking the important questions about a private shows. Luckily, models actually responded to all my text and I found out everything I wanted to know. You can also find every model’s profile on this site so you can read some information there also if you don’t want to chat with the model.
The private show can have a really low price of a really high price. I don’t know why some models charge a lot of money for their shows, but some shows are surely overpriced. The price can vary from .98 per minute to more than per minute. Most shows cost around per minute and that is actually the average price. As I said some shows are overpriced and I figured that out because some cheaper shows were the same like those expensive ones. If you have some time, you will probably find good shows for a small amount of money and you won’t have to waste a lot of money. Not all models will do everything that you want. Be careful when you select a model because some of them won’t do more than just get naked.
The new thing on this site is a VIP show. Not all models have this show and I can see why. This show costs a lot more than a regular private show. Basically, this show becomes available when some model wants to raise a lot of money for a couple of minutes. Every user who donated money will get to see a show that is much better than a regular show, but that is why the price is that high.
The video quality doesn’t need to change a bit. Every show I opened was in HD and the movement was fluid. Every detail was visible and shows didn’t have problems with the lag or something like that. Most models here are professional models and I say that because you can clearly see that they are streaming from a studio. There are also amateur models here, and they are much more suitable for me. Some shows had cameras that could be controlled with a remote control during a live stream. That feature was one of the best ones on this site.
If you want to open a private show, you need credits. The store offers you multiple packages and I think that the cheapest one is the best one to start anywhere. The cheapest package on this site cost 21 EUR and you get 18 credits in there. That is enough credits to test a couple of shows and see if the site is worth it or not. At least that is what I did. You can also select one of those expensive packages if you don’t have a problem with spending a lot of money. The most expensive package will give you 158 credits for 161 EUR.
This site can work pretty nice on a phone also. I tested it on my Android phone and it worked well without any program needed. You can use most features like on a PC, but don’t expect to see everything working like on a PC. This can do the trick for short trips.


The video quality is really good on this site. Free shows are available with every model. Private shows have affordable prices in most cases.


I didn’t find anything bad on this site.


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