AliceX - This site is not the same like before


Date: December 21, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 26)


When I first heard of this site, it was based on Virtual Reality experience. However, that is not the case anymore. The site has changed completely and now it looks really similar to some other site. I just can’t remember which one.
For starters, there are much more models online than before. I remember seeing 1 or 2 models online before, but now, you can find even 1500 online models at once. That is a big difference and I like it a lot. There are even more registered models on the site and I don’t know the exact number.
You can most definitely find something for your taste on this site because there are enough models for girls, guys and pretty much anyone. Finding something specific is hard to do when you only scroll through the main page. There are just too many models online and it would take a lot of time to find that someone. However, if you want to use one of available features, you will have much better time. The first thing I used was the advanced search. I used it on all other sites and I was never disappointed. I could select many tags in 10 different sections. You can’t imagine how little models are left on the display if you select all the right tags. I was just surprised. There are categories also, but I didn’t want to use them after seeing the advanced search. It would just be waste of my time.
Free shows are available here. Most models here have free shows if they are not in a private one at that moment. You can’t see much in there really. The best thing I found out in there was some info about a private show. Models will tell you what they do in a private show and how much it costs. You can also find that out from model’s profile. Basically, you shouldn’t spend much time in free shows because you won’t gain pretty much anything from it.
Once you decide to open a private show, you need to have credits. The store has a couple packages and you can find an affordable one really easy.
Private shows can be really good and not so much in some cases. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that some models won’t do all kinds of things in their shows. They are still shy and you won’t see most things in there. On the other hand, most of other models will do whatever it takes. That means they will listen to all your requests and most likely fulfill them. I prefer those shows in which models don’t have boundaries. They like to do some role play, play with sex toys and do all kinds of things. I don’t regret spending money there at any moment.
Prices of private shows can also vary. You can find cheap shows and also expensive ones. There are differences in most shows, but the price doesn’t tell if the show is good or not. That is up to you to decide. Some cheap shows can be as good as those expensive ones. You can find shows for per minute and even per minute. That is a big difference between the cheapest one and the most expensive one, but the difference in quality of those shows is not that high. The average price is around per minute which is affordable for most users.
Besides free and private shows, you can also find gold shows. Just a few models have them and they are pretty nice shows. Although they cost a bit more, they are worth that money. There is a limited number of how many users can watch that show. Only the fastest ones can enjoy a show that last 15 minutes or so.

I was glad that most shows had HD cameras. They were all in fluid motion so it was quite pleasant to watch all these shows. Of course, you can find some shows that are not in HD, but they are at least in medium quality.
This site worked on a phone also. I didn’t do anything special there really. I just tried swiping though the main page a bit and that is it. Everything was placed almost like on a pc so I knew where to look for what.


Many models are online. It’s easy to use this site. The video quality is decent. Prices are affordable.


The design is not original. It looks exactly like one other site for sure.


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