Strip Hilo - This site is not like any other site


Date: August 14, 2017

Written by: Malt (Male, 32)


When I first saw the name of this site, I knew it must be good because I haven’t seen any other site that has the same content like this one. The first thing I want to talk about is the design of this site. It is pretty simple and it hasn’t changed in a while. There is no need to improve pretty much anything, but there are some things that are missing. I counted around 200 models online at the time I was there and that many models were also online when I was here last time. Well, I think this is wrong, but this site has around 170000 registered models on the site and that is just too big number to believe it. Maybe there are that many models here, but still, why aren’t there more models online?
I always like to find a group of models that I like the most and this site has many options for doing that. There is a text button named ‘search’ and you can find there all you need. The advanced search here is available and you can select many more tags than I was used to. I noticed that there is still no search that includes boob size. Besides this method, you can use categories and there are around 10 categories. Models are sorted out by their hair color and skin color. Searching for a model is also available by their language or from which country they are.
I hoped that there will be a free show that lets me know what I am getting into, but I was wrong. The only thing you can use is a demo show. In there, you can play the game for free, but that model is not live. It is just a recorded video that constantly replays. The rules of this game are pretty simple. If you guess right which card will be next, you win, but if you guess wrong, you lose. The reward is to see a model take of a part of the clothes every time you win the game.
The live show is available only to premium members and creating an account isn’t free. You need to donate some money immediately after creating an account. Playing a game with a model that streams online is much better than the live version, but your money just disappears because the time goes too fast. The price of a minute in the live show varies from to . This isn’t expensive, but it takes too much time to get that girl naked. If you are lucky, you will see more than just a strip show and that is why you should use the chat window. It is completely free and it lets you know what will happen next.
I was disappointed when I found out that there is no counter that shows you your current amount of money on the account. I know that if I spend all my money on 1 girl, it means she was worth it, but I didn’t know that if I run out on money, the show will continue to play and I will be charge on my credit card. This issue needs to be fixed immediately because someone can lose too much money without even being warned.
When it comes to the video quality, all I can say are the good things. In most cases, the video quality is in high resolution and the movement is fluid. There are always a few shows that are not that good, but they are still acceptable to watch. Most of these models are streaming from a studio which means they are professional models and I don’t like that much. There are also amateur models streaming from their home and I focused on finding those models because they act more natural in every situation. Some cameras are even equipped with movement options, so controlling a camera during a live show can be done with a remote control. This feature is pretty useful because the model can zoom in on some important parts of her body.
Using this site is also available on a mobile phone. I tried using it on my Android phone and it worked great. It is a little harder to use this site on the phone because you are limited to a much smaller screen than on the computer. However, the video quality here is even better than on the pc and that is all it matters.


Lots of models are available on this site in most hours. Simple design and using this site is easy. The search options are the best in my opinion. The video quality is pretty good and the price of a private show is no so high.


You will be charged on your credit card if you run out of money without any notice.


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