Pantybay Live Cams - This site is new to me


Date: November 14, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 30)


I know I spent a lot of time on all kinds of live cam sites, but I have never seen this site before. That is probably because this site was created recently and only now I get to see what it offers. When I first opened it, I saw only shows and dark background color. That was enough for me because nothing else was in a visible place and that means I won’t get distracted.
There weren’t many models online when I got there. There were only around 80 of the online, but luckily, I found something I liked. Navigating is quite easy because there aren’t many things to use.
I don’t know if I didn’t find any search features or there really are none available. I was looking everywhere and basically, not one single feature was available. That kinds of sucks because if there were more models online, you would have to spend a lot of time to find someone. Luckily, there are not so many models online so you can just scroll through that list to find some model.
I got disappointed with search features, but free shows cheered me up. Every model on the site has a free show that is available for everyone. You don’t even need an account to enter one of these shows, but you will just be ignored if you are listed as a guest. Creating an account really is free and you only have to fill out 3 empty boxes. I opened 10 or more free shows and I saw that there was almost no action in these shows. However, in the last one, some model was completely naked and she was jumping on the bed. That made everything much better because I knew I was getting somewhere with that model. Besides that, I didn’t see anything else, so I started doing something more important. I asked what is expecting me in the private show. I asked this question a couple of models and from what I saw, not all private shows are the same.
I didn’t get why only one model was showing her boobs in the free show, but that probably is because of tipping. Models can be tipped with a custom amount of credits and for every tip, you get a small reward from a model.
There are some private shows that only include nudity, but just a couple of models are ready to include some props or toys. One model was willing to even change outfits for different foreplay if I was willing to pay her. The price of a private show can be seen before even opening a free show. Shows were going from 30 credits to 100 credits per minute. However, the average price was 60 credits per minute which is per minute. That seems quite expensive for a show that isn’t something special.
I thought that if a show is expensive, then it is good most definitely. Well, I was wrong. In one case, that really was the case. I opened a show that cost per minute and it was really worth all my money. Yes, I spend a lot of money for just a couple of minute, but I left that place much happier than before. I also got to see a show that cost per minute. There weren’t many differences between these two shows and the difference in the price is too high. That means the price has nothing to do with the quality of the show.
I was disappointed with the video quality. When I saw that his site is new, I thought that models have only HD cameras, but I couldn’t be wrong more. I didn’t find one model that was in HD. All shows were in medium quality and some were even in low quality. They were in fluid motion and you could see the most important things in the show, but it was just painful to watch a show in 480p or less.
The store offers great deals on all packages. 10 credits can be bought for and you can only decide which package you want to buy. Every package has a bonus amount of credits after the purchase. You can get up to 300 free credits when you buy the biggest package. The cheapest package doesn’t even have enough credits for more than 1 minute in the private show. I don’t know why it exists. If you want to see a show for at least 5 or more minutes, you need to buy the package for . The pricing didn’t seem good at all for me from the beginning.


The design was pretty nice. Private shows were pretty amazing.


Prices are too high. The video quality need to improve ASAP. Not many models are online. I didn’t find any search features on this site.


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