- This site is much more than a place with hot models


Date: October 23, 2017

Written by: Milivoj (Male, 33)


I was really surprised when I opened this site for the first time because I was flashed with a bunch of pictures from models. Those photos weren’t just some regular photos, but in most cases nude profile pictures. When I saw that, I just couldn’t stop scrolling down and admiring all models on this site. I knew that I won’t see all that right away in the free show, but there are also private shows and I just couldn’t wait to get in one of them. There weren’t that many models online, but 130 models online is quite enough to please most users. There were a lot more registered models on the side, but I didn’t know why they weren’t online.
Navigating through the site is pretty easy because you have almost everything pointed out. Shows are in visible place and that is the most important thing on the site.
When it comes to finding some show you think you will like, you can use one of features on the site. The best feature is the filter which allows you to select up to 4 tags at the same time. Because you don’t have many models online, you will get a pretty nice result every time. At least I did and that is what matters the most. There are also a lot of categories, but I didn’t want to count them all. From what I saw, I think that there are more than 30 categories and you can see how many videos and photos are in that category. Besides these two features, you have features that allow you to select gender of models and a couple of more things that can be of some use to you.
As I said, this site has both free and private shows, but before starting either one of these shows, you need a profile on the site. It is pretty easy to create it and it only takes a minute or two. It is pretty smart to start with a free show, because it is quite likely that you will open a show that you won’t like. Imagine paying for something you don’t like. I know I wouldn’t like to do that. I think that every model has a free show if she is not in a private show, so be smart when you start selecting something. I was prepared to see a model that only sits and doesn’t do anything in the free show, so I didn’t get disappointed when I actually saw that. There is a chat window that allows you to chat with a model about anything you want. You will get a response in most cases, but don’t get surprised if you get ignored by some model. They usually focus on users who act like they will spend a lot of money on them. You can find a lot about a private show through the free show. If you don’t want to do that, you can open model’s profile and read all that info there.
Private show doesn’t mean you will see everything that you want. Some models will actually do a lot of thing in there, but there are some models who have limits and they stop after they get naked. That is one of the reasons why the price varies. Prices are higher in those shows in which models do all kinds of things. However, that isn’t the case in every show. Some cheaper shows were also pretty amazing. The price can vary from to more than per minute, but the average price is somewhere around per minute, which isn’t too high.
You won’t have to worry about looking at some show in bad quality. Most models now have a HD camera that can do a lot of thing that you didn’t know. I was pretty surprised when a camera started moving during a live stream. Models have a remote control with which they control a camera. This isn’t the case in every show, but it is pretty amazing. The site says that every model here is an amateur one and I believe that is true because they really stream from their homes and not from studios.
This site uses Dirty Cents as a payment method and you can buy them in the store. You have cheaper packages available for beginning, and I would recommend you to start with those because you won’t spend much money and if you don’t spend it all, you won’t regret it that much.
This site also has a version for a phone that works pretty nice. You can use every feature like on a PC, and almost everything works the same. The only difference is that you have a smaller screen than on a PC so you have fewer things on the display at once.


Prices are affordable in most shows. The video quality is in HD. Enough search features are available.


There should be more online models.


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