MyCams - This site is like few other sites


Date: January 17, 2018

Written by: Frankie (Male, 21)


I spend lots of times on live cam sits in past few months and that is enough to realize that this site looks like many other sites. I get that there is probably one company that owns all those sites, but it would still be cool if there were original things on all sites. I know that I am asking for much because that is expensive and it takes time, but still.
I don’t know if you like to have lots of models online at once, but I do. There are enough models online then so you don’t have to worry about not finding at least one model that will please you. I think that I saw around 600 models online this one time and that was much more than I expected. The best thing about that is that you will find that one model pretty fast.
Looking through all those models takes time and it is not efficient like you expect. You will get bored of looking at all those models while you scroll through those pages. There are much better things that you can do and even save some time while doing that. The best thing I used was the filter or the advanced search. I am pretty sure that you heard of this feature at one point. I could select around 10 tags at once and that really did a great job. I had 600 models at the beginning and I ended up with around 100 of them or less after that. If that isn’t good, I don’t know what is. Besides this feature, I also checked out few categories. There were too many of them and that was a good thing. If someone wants to do that, he will have a great result, but not as good as with the filter.
The best thing so far was free shows. Every model had them and they were completely free. You didn’t even need to have an account to open them. However, if you are in a show without an account, you are listed as a guest. That sucks for you because you will be ignored and you really don’t need that. Creating an account takes literally one minute and you don’t need anything but your email.
You probably know that free shows are free for a reason. There is nothing you can see in there that is good or something like that. The best thing you can find out there is if a show is worth watching or not. You can see if a model is hot or not. I think that that is the only thing that most people look at when they select a show. I know I look at those things because I care more about looking at a hot girl than some other girl.
It’s not so fun to look at free show because you know you are wasting your time. You should spend as much time in there as you need to find out if that show is worth watching or not. If you spend more time in there, you won’t see anything and you are just wasting your time.
Prices can vary from one show to another, but most shows have the same price. I am not sure about the average price, but I would say that it is around per minute. Some shows cost per minute and some go up to per minute. That is quite big difference, but the quality of a show is not that different. I know that someone said that one of those expensive shows wasn’t that special. It was pretty much the same like other shows.
The only thing that is different in private shows is the content in there. Some models will do more than others and that is a regular thing. You can see a model that likes to spice things up with a toy from time to time. On the other hand, some models won’t do more than just get naked. I know that you don’t want to pay just to see naked girls here. You can see that for free pretty much everywhere.
I found out about two ways audio shows here. I didn’t expect to see that here. Basically, you can talk with the model and she can look at you if you have a camera. If you are in one of those shows, models will be more relaxed than in public shows.
The video quality here was nice. Almost every show was in fluid motion and in HD. there is nothing better than seeing a show in high quality.


There were so many models online. It was easy to navigate on the site. Shows were interesting and in HD.


The only thing that is kind of bad is that this site looks like some other sites.


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