Jasmin - This site is famous for its good shows


Date: January 22, 2018

Written by: Freddy (Male, 25)


I heard of this site long time ago and this wasn’t the first time I was using it. However, I used many sites in past few months and when I finally got back to this site, I realized how much it is better than other sites. For starters, it’s original. You won’t see a site that looks like this one.
To make anyone’s stay on this site the best one, there should be many models to please all those users. This site had more than 700 models and sometimes even more. If you don’t find at least one show that is good for you, then you probably have some problem.
The best thing about the main page is that there are some models, who are probably the best ones on the site, and their pictures just keep sliding. Anyone who gets on the site can see top rated models right away.
When it comes to finding that one model or show that is much better than others, it can take some time. If you do it manually by just scrolling through pages, you won’t find it ever. There are some features that make that search much easier. The best feature on this site is the filter, however, it is a bit hidden here. It is displayed as a small button with three lines and it’s next to the search engine. I didn’t find it right away, even though I wasn’t here for the first time. There were also categories, or something similar to that. There were around 10 of those categories and I think that those are the most searched ones.
The best thing so far was a free show. It’s good to see everything in a show before deciding if you want to pay for it. You are not required even to create an account. You can only see the quality of a show and see that model. They won’t do anything in a free show and that sucks. If you stay there for a longer period, you are just wasting your time.
Once you are in a private show, the action starts. Models won’t waste time and they will jump straight to the point. There are few different shows that you can see. Some models will only get naked and that is it. However, some models will do all kinds of things. Those models also like to use sex toys, do some roleplay and things like that. You get the point. There are also different prices in most shows. The price can go from per minute to over per minute. That is a pretty big difference, but you should know that the average price is not more than per minute. You can see a pretty good show for not so much money.
All shows I got into were in HD. I just couldn’t believe that all shows were in HD because that is not the case on almost any site. And that is not all. Some shows here had remote controlled cameras. I got blown away when a model moved a camera with a remote. She could zoom in on her at any moment without stopping something she does.
The store here is the most important thing. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to look at anything. You can buy one of five packages in the store. The price of one credit is little over 1 EUR in all cases. However, when you buy bigger packages, you get a small discount and bonus credits. There is no point in buying the cheapest package because you can get around 4 minutes in a private show and I don’t see any point in that.
This site worked pretty fine on a phone. I opened it through a regular browser and it worked just like on a PC. Most things were on the same place like I was used to. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was much smaller than I was used to.


Most shows had reasonable prices. The video quality was only in HD and some cameras were controlled with a remote. There are good features on the site that can help you out with pretty much anything.


The filter was a bit hidden. Some shows seem overpriced.


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