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Date: January 4, 2018

Written by: Trevor (Male, 18)


There are not too many models on the site and not too little. It is just the perfect amount of them to find at least one model that will pleasure me. On top of that, the site also looks pretty great. The background is dark and everything that matters is brighter. You can navigate on the site really easy without any problems. There were 300 models online while I was using the site and that number didn’t change for an hour or so. I think that there shouldn’t be more models online because that makes it just harder to find a model that is good for you.
While I am still talking about finding a model, you can use some features that are completely free. The first one I noticed were few categories on top of the page. Those were the most searched ones I think. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense that the site has only 10 categories. I didn’t stick to that at all because I saw the filter right after. The filter allowed me to select tags in 7 different categories. I could select as many tags as I wanted at once and that only narrowed the search more and more. If you want to, you can narrow the search down to 5 models or so. After that, it is pretty easy to select only one model.
I really like that when you hold your cursor on a show, the preview of that show starts. Like you don’t even have to open a show to see what happens in there. If you don’t like it now, there is no need to enter it. I started looking for a show that seemed interesting and I found one pretty fast. However, before I did, I saw some shows in which models were just sitting on the bed, fully clothed and they didn’t do anything. Besides that, you can see the price of a private show before going to a show. It that seems too much for you, look for another show.
Only when I got in a free show I realized that there are many things that can be done in there. For starters, you can tip the model. That just helps out if you want to see them naked. Shows are in full screen so you can see pretty much everything clearly. Although, just a few models will do something in a free show. Most of them are waiting for you to take them to a private show.
Most shows cost 5 credits per minute in private shows. That is around per minute. That just seems really cheap for a show that is pretty good. Once you are in there, I saw that I could go for a one on one show. I could use my camera as well. That just made shows better because models agreed on more things then. You probably know that most models like different shows. You won’t see the same thing in all cases. Some of them will do more than others and that is it. You just can’t change it. I prefer to see shows in which models like to do some role play and even better if they have some toys near them. There is nothing better than seeing a model how she handles a big dildo.
After private shows, you can also go to a VIP show. You can go to a VIP show before a private show, but it’s better to check out a cheaper show first, right? VIP shows usually cost double the amount of a private show. You can even use microphone in there. However, I don’t see a big deal of that because I wouldn’t like to talk much in there.
The video quality was medium in some cases and in other cases high. It was fluid so that is pretty good. I just didn’t like how so many models were too close to the camera. They should move back a bit so we can see them whole.
The store has 3 packages for you. You get 5 credits for in all packages. Of course, there are some discounts for bigger purchases, but I didn’t want to rush things at first. I started with a cheaper one at the beginning.
The site worked on my phone. I got ahold of it pretty fast. Everything was just smaller than I was used to.


Enough models are online. The video quality is quite fine. Most shows have really cheap prices and they are good.


Some minor things should be fixed, but nothing serious.


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