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Date: September 6, 2017

Written by: Hulio (Male, 24)


The overall look of the site is pretty amazing and it isn’t very similar to other sites. Navigating through the site couldn’t be easier because everything you will ever need is on the main page. I noticed a pretty nice feature on the main page that is connected to shows. When you hold your mouse over a show, a small video will start playing and I think it is from the live show. If I am right, there are more than 200 online models on this site which isn’t that bad. However, when I found out that this site has a couple of thousands of registered models, I expected to see a lot more online models. Dark background color points out everything on the page so I didn’t have any problems with using the site. This site can be translated in many different languages.
Finding models on this site is also pretty easy. There are multiple ways to do that and you only have to select one of them. The best one in my opinion is the advanced search. You can select multiple tags at the same time and after you are done, you will most likely have a lot less models on the main page. Some categories are available on the top of the main page and they can help you out, but after trying out the advanced search, I didn’t see any point in using these categories. If you use this site regularly, you can type in some model’s name and only that model will appear on the display. It is nice to know that this site has models from all over the world and because of that, you can look for model by their language. There are a couple of languages available and if you are lucky, you will find some model who speaks your language.
You can select which show you want to look at. There are free shows and private ones. Free shows are available for everyone, even for those users who don’t have an account. The free show offers you the free chat window that is actually the best part of this show. You can talk with the model for an unlimited time and you can find out everything you want to know. Models like to respond to all text, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response sometimes because they all like to focus on those users who will spend money on them. Tipping the model is available at all times and every tip has a reward in return.
When it comes to private shows, you can expect almost anything. Models here will try to fulfill all your wishes if you are nice to them. The price can vary because not all models are ready to do the same thing, but I noticed that most private shows were going for 5 credits per minute. Those are group private shows and if you would like to be all alone with the model, you will have to enter the VIP show. This shows costs around 20 credits per minute which isn’t quite expensive. Some models will not go further than just taking off the clothes and there are ones who like to do all the possible things.
Paying these shows is done with previously bought credits in the store. The store offers 3 different packages and a free package that you get after the registration. After you register on the site, you will get 25 free credits. The least expensive package has 65 credits and it costs 10 EUR. The most expensive one costs 60 EUR and you get 390 credits for that amount. So, 1 EUR gets you around 6 credits. This means shows cost around 1 EUR per minute and that is a nice price when you compare it to other sites.
I expected to see a better video quality but this isn’t bad also. Most shows here have an HD camera, but I have seen much better HD shows than here. Some parts of the shows were blurry, but the most important thing is that they were all fluid. Some cameras were really good and just a few of them could be controlled with a remote control during a live stream. This allows models to zoom in on some parts and you can get a much better view than before. Generally, I think that the video quality is medium.
Using this site is now available on the phone. I tried using it on my Android phone and I was amazed. Shows loaded pretty fast and they didn’t have any problems with the internet connection or something like that. It was just a little harder to click on some things on the phone because I have a smaller screen than on a computer.
Every model has a profile on this site and you can learn a lot about that model by just going to the side. There are some useful information like what some model likes and what she hates. There are also pictures included for free. I found out that some models have recorded videos available and the price of those videos is around 5 credits.


Enough models are online. This site has really good search features available. The video quality is average. Prices are quite cheap on this site. Models speak more than just one language.


The video quality should improve a bit.


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