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Date: February 7, 2018

Written by: Freddy (Male, 22)


I decided to give a chance to many unknown live cam sites in the last few days and I think that that was the worst decision I have ever made. I saw so many bad things that I can’t unseen them. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I opened a site that was familiar to me and that actually had good content.
This site always had around 500 online models which is the perfect number. Not too little and not too much. You can find at least one model that is worth watching. Usually, I had to decide between 5 models that were pretty much the same and I was glad that there were more choices than one model.
I remember when I got to this site for the first time like it was yesterday. I only knew about free and private shows, but this site had something more than only that. There were two more types of shows and I just couldn’t figure out what that was. However, when I checked out a couple of those shows, I realized that those shows are the best ones probably.
Like anyone else, I didn’t like all models equally. That’s why I wanted to narrow the search down before opening any show. The only feature here was a section with categories. There were definitely more than 40 categories here. You could choose model’s hair color, age, skin color and few other things. However, you could only select one thing at the time. That sucked because there were still many models left to choose from.
Let’s start with those new shows. Buzzmode and Connexion are pretty much the same shows. They are completely free, but only to watch. If you have some requests in there, you need to spend some money. They are like free shows, but with something extra. Each model in those shows has a vibrator in her panties that starts working when you tip a model. There are 4 different tips and each one activates the vibrator differently. If you spend more money, that vibrator will last longer and it will work in a much higher speed. You can also take these models to a private show after you are done with those free things.
Free shows are like on any other site. You don’t get to see almost anything in there. You can spend there as much time as you want, but there is no need for that. It’s enough to find out what happens in her private shows and that is it. If you like it, you can proceed and if you don’t, you can just look for some other show.
Prices vary from one show to the other. I think that the average price is around or a bit more per minute. There are shows going from per minute to more than per minute. However, there are not many of those expensive shows.
I found out that most shows have prices that are just not right for the show. Some shows are underrated and some shows are overrated. If you searched for a good shows based on the price, you wouldn’t find what you wanted probably.
Some models like to do more things in their private shows than others. That is the case on most sites and I think that that won’t change ever. I didn’t come to this site to see a model how she gets naked. If I wanted to see that, I would just go to any site that offers me that for free. The best kind of a show is where a model includes some toys and foreplay. I know that I am asking for much, but there are models like that actually. It’s not that easy to find them, but when you do, don’t let them go. One of those models fulfilled most of my dreams in just one shows. I don’t remember when I had that much find for not so much money.
The video quality was usually pretty nice. Most shows had HD shows and in fluid motion. There were not so many shows in medium quality, but they were also watchable.


Enough models were online while I was there. There were 2 new types of shows. Models are doing bunch of things in their free shows. Prices usually aren’t that high for private shows. Most shows were in HD and in fluid motion.


Navigating on the site was a bit tricky because there weren’t many search features.


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