Strip Hilo - This site hasn’t changed from the first time I was there


Date: January 26, 2018

Written by: Merkur (Male, 19)


I remember coming to this site around 5 months ago for the first time. When I first heard of this site, it seemed like it was different than other sites because it had live shows with games included. However, when I opened the site, the site looked just like any other site.
I was disappointed a bit when I saw only around 200 online models. I expected to see more models online because it says that there are almost 200.000 registered models on the site. I don’t get it how can there be so many registered models, but so little online models.
Models were arranged by categories. You could search for models based on their hair color or skin color. That was only the first feature. You could also use the advanced search. That feature allowed me to select more than 10 things at once and that narrowed the search down. Not that I needed to narrow the search down any more, but I still wanted to check out everything on the site.
Here comes the first bad thing about a site. There are no free shows. I got used to looking at all kinds of sites and all those sites had free shows. Even though you didn’t see any action in there, you could at least see a model and the quality of that show. You couldn’t see or do any of those things. You had to risk your money for some show you have no clue about.
There was only a demo version of a show. You could see how things work around this site. That was the only free part on this site. You open a show and a game starts. All you have to do is guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. If you win a round, a model takes of one part of their clothes. The game ends when you get the model naked completely, but show can go a bit further than that if you are lucky.
I was a bit skeptic about going to a private show right away, but I did it anyway. I didn’t know what I was getting into so I didn’t know what to expect. I only had some info about a show from model’s profile and that was it. The first show I opened was actually pretty good. That model looked so hot and I was ready for the game. Everything was going so good at the beginning. I was winning almost every round and I saw that model naked pretty fast. Sadly, that model didn’t want anything more than just to take off her clothes. I had to look for some other model.
In the next case, I wasn’t as lucky as in the first show. I just couldn’t win that many rounds. I won one round and then I lost one. Basically, I didn’t get to see a model naked because I was losing so much. That was the only part that was worrying me from the start. What if I don’t win? I knew that this had to happen once and I wasn’t so happy about it.
The best thing about private shows was that prices were around per minute in all cases. That means I didn’t spend that much money on shows. Imagine if those shows cost per minute. I wouldn’t even thing about going to those shows without knowing something about them.
I remember hearing that this site can cause you lots of trouble. If you run out of money during a show, you will be charged on your credit card. You won’t be disconnected form the show. You will just have some additional charges. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me, but if that is true, that should be changed.
The video quality was pretty find in these two cases. One show was a bit better than the other one, but both show were in pretty nice quality. I can’t say that they were in HD, but somewhere between medium and HD. The most important thing is that they were in fluid motion.


Prices were very low in all cases. The vide quality was somewhere between medium and high.


You won’t be satisfied in all shows because you can also lose in a game. There seems to be some additional charges without your knowledge.


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