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Date: January 18, 2018

Written by: Deran (Male, 22)


I wasn’t expecting much of this site when I opened it, but I ended up with much better site than I expected. Everything looked so well organized and it seemed like that there were all things that you can think off. The best thing at the beginning was the black background. I don’t like white background and this site had the perfect one.
You know that there are lots of models on most sites, but there are sites with not so many models. This site luckily had around 400 models online and that is quite enough. I wouldn’t want to see more of them because I couldn’t choose which one to look at. You ever got in a situation when you saw two almost the same models and you couldn’t decide which one to watch? That is what I hate about any site and I don’t want to get in that situation ever.
While I was holding my cursor on a show, a live preview started. I could see into a show even if I didn’t open it. That really helped me out because I saw if there is some interesting thing in a show or not. Good things were that all models had free shows. You could try out anything you want and still not pay for it. If you find a model that you like, you can easily go to a private show.
Finding a show that is good for you is the first important thing here. There were quite enough features here, but I only used one. I knew about the filter here so I didn’t look at anything else. I could select around 10 tags at once and that narrowed the search down to fewer models.
If you ever got in a show, then you probably noticed guests in the chat room. Those people are ignored and you shouldn’t be one of them. This site has free accounts and it takes like 1 minute to crate it. When you have an account, you have different name other than guest12354. You won’t be ignored and you will get answers to your questions.
As you probably know, not all shows are the same and they have different prices. Some models will do more than others and that is the case on all sites. You just can’t avoid that. If you have some spare time, you can see probably anything in some shows, but it will cost you. Not because shows are expensive, but because it takes to see all those things you want to see. There are different prices, but the average shows cost around per minute. You can find shows for even per minute, which is amazing, but some of those shows suck. They are not worth watching. I guess that that is a reason why the price is so low.
There were shows in which I got to see more than just a naked model. I don’t know if you are aware, but some of them will include sex toys in their shows. That is certainly not what I expected to see. That is a pleasant surprise and every model and show should be like that. Is there something better than seeing a model how she rams a big dildo in her shaved pussy? I don’t think that there is.
You are probably used to private shows, but there is more here. I saw some VibraToy shows. In those shows, a model has a vibrator in her pants and when you give her money, that vibrator starts to work. That is also pretty nice to look at. You maybe don’t have to spend much money if there are more people in the show.
There are also VIP shows. Those are the last types of shows here. They can cost a bit more, but they can also bit worth it. A model asks for some money and everyone who contributes gets to watch her show. That is it.
All shows I looked at were in HD. there wasn’t one single show that had bad quality or even medium quality. On top of that, they were all in fluid motion. I don’t know what else I can ask from a show here.
Credits are used as a payment method on this site. The store has 5 packages and you can find pretty good deals. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and that is a pretty good thing. You can calculate the price of shows much easier than on other sites. If you buy any package but the cheapest one, you will also get bonus credits.


Well, there were lots of models online. I didn’t have problem with finding a model that had good show. All shows I watched were in High Resolution. There were no lags in shows and they were fluid during the whole stay.


Geez, I don’t know. Maybe because the site looks like some other sites I visited.


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