- This site has a pretty outdated design


Date: September 13, 2017

Written by: Amore (Male, 21)


I just couldn’t not notice that this site has a pretty old design. I got used to looking at sites with a pretty modern design and this site is just not that. It was harder to get to know this site, but when I finally did, I know of liked it. This site had 600 models online at the time I was there which is pretty nice. There are tens of thousands of registered models here so I expected to see more online, but this is also a pretty nice number. You can choose in which mode you want to look at the site. There are a couple of models, but they are all different. Some of them will let you see more info about the show and some of them will not. You just have to find something you like the most.
Searching here for models is pretty easy. The first thing you can use is the mode that allows you to have a better preview of shows. I noticed that there was the advanced search available. This got me excited really fast because I knew I will find shows much faster now. You can select multiple tags at he same time and you will get a pretty nice result after you are done with the filter. Instead of looking at 600 models, you will have a lot less of them on the display. Besides this way, you can also type in some model’s name and only that model will appear.
Besides live shows, this site also has recorded videos available. Some videos are free and some of them are not. I saw videos that cost and . Sadly, videos are not unlocked for an unlimited time so that sucks. It would be much better that after purchasing the video, you can watch it anytime you want. Most of these videos are really short and some of them are not worth the money.
You can select if you want to look at free shows or private ones. The free show offers you a few features that can help you out to find a model for you. The best feature is the free chat window because you can chat with the model. I tried to find out everything possible about the private show because I knew I won’t see anything here. However, there were still guys who were constantly asking the model to get naked. Those users are the ones who model’s hate the most. You can get blocked if you are rude to a model.
When you open a private show, a counter starts showing you how much time have you spent in there. That way, you won’t lose track of time so you won’t lose all your money fast. Maybe you will, you will get a warning at least. The price of a private show varies, but the average price is around per minute. Most models actually charge that amount, but there are some shows that can cost even per minute. The price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show so you shouldn’t look at the price when you start searching for a show. At least I didn’t look at the price and I wasn’t disappointed. Some cheap shows were better than those expensive ones.
The video quality was pretty nice here. Most shows were in HD and some of them were just in a lower video quality. The movement was fluid and that is what matters the most. Some cameras were controlled with a remote control, but those shows are really hard to find.
I tried using this site on a phone and I didn’t have any problems. Everything as the same and the video quality even seemed like it was better than on a pc. Shows loaded pretty fast and they were fluid.


Lots of models are online. The video quality is pretty nice. The side works on the phone. Free shows are available. Search options are pretty useful. Models are nice to everyone if you are nice to them.


Nothing is bad about this site in my opinion.


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