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Date: October 17, 2017

Written by: Jovan (Male, 25)


When you are not from a country that mainly speaks English, you get confused when you open a site that is in you native language. That was the case for me when I opened this site because it was in my language. The first thing I though was that I opened some pop up site or something like that. However, it was the right site, only it was translated automatically. This site can be translated into 30 different languages and I think that this site is the only one that can be translated into this many languages. That also means that models speak a lot more languages than just English.
There was a big number on the main page that showed how many models were online. I checked this site multiple times and there were always around 500 models online. That is a pretty nice number and you can find some model that you like pretty easy.
The main page doesn’t have many things on the display and that makes it only easier to use this site. You can find something you want pretty easy and you won’t get distracted with some pop up ads or something similar to that.
When it comes to shows, you can watch both free and private shows. Free shows don’t even require you to have an account to look at it, but you don’t get to say in there without an account because you will probably be ignored. I expected to see regular free shows in which models don’t do anything, but I was wrong. The first model I saw was already fingering her cunt in the free show and that amazed me. It was pretty hard not to look at this show because it was free and it looked pretty nice. Before even opening a show, you can hold your cursor over a show to see what happens in a show currently. Tipping models is available in the free show and that is the only reason why they do all kinds of things. You need to be nice to a model if you want her to do something for her. Rude users also get ignored or even banned from a show.
I just couldn’t wait to see a private show after seeing a free show. The show is not the same with every model, but most of shows are pretty nice. Some models will do a lot more than others, and those are the best models usually. Prices of private shows can vary from the show to the next one, but they all usually charge around per minute. Off course, you can find more expensive shows and a couple of cheaper shows. However, that all takes time because you can’t search for shows based on the price.
When it comes to search models, you have a couple of useful features for that. The best one and the one I was looking for is the advanced search. You can select a lot of tags at the same time and you will narrow the search down to much less models than before. Luckily, this site allows you to search for a model based on their breast size, and that is not available on many places. The next thing is categories. There are more than 30 categories on the main page and you can clearly see how many models are online in some category. There isn’t 1 single category that is empty and that is a pretty good sign. Some categories can give you better a better result than the advanced search, but there are also some categories that have up to 300 models in there.
The video quality doesn’t need to change a bit. I opened a lot of shows and all of them were in HD. The most important thing is that they were all in fluid motion. I noticed that most models were streaming from their homes, but there were also some models who were streaming from a studio. I got pretty excited when I ran into a model that had a camera that could be controlled with a remote control. That means she could zoom in on something she wanted during a live stream.
There is a working version of this site for a phone that works pretty well. Most features work the same like on a PC, but there are some slight differences in a few cases. Shows are the same like on a PC and they don’t have problems with lagging or something like that. This version is pretty useful for short trips, but I wouldn’t use it for something more than that.


Free shows are much more than just looking at a model while she is sitting. Prices are usually affordable. The video quality is pretty nice. The site can be translated into many languages.


Nothing is bad.


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