- This site had more models previously


Date: January 5, 2018

Written by: Robert (Male, 25)


I don’t know if I came in a wrong time to the site or what, but there were at least double fewer models than usually. That kind of sucks because I was worried that some models I like are not online. There were only 150 models online, but I remember seeing around 400 of them online the last time. I don’t know why that is.
I didn’t want to write a review before because I didn’t see any need for it, but not, I have to. This site is generally good. You have pretty much everything you will ever search for. You can find all those important features on the main page and the most important thing is that there aren’t any useless things there. I wasn’t distracted with anything like on some other sites.
Everyone has probably different taste and that makes it harder for everyone to find that one model they like. Luckily, there are those features I mentioned before. Every site should have them. There is no bad site of having helpful things. Can you guess what the first thing I noticed was? Well, it was the advanced search. Over some time, I started looking for that feature on every site because it does the best job. You can select over 10 different things at once and that narrows the search to a lot fewer models than before. There is one new thing on the site that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It is basically a map of some country and you get to select a region from which a model is. That will give you not many models and you will find a model pretty easy.
Sadly, there are no free shows here. I would really like to see something before paying for that, but that can’t happen. However, there is one good thing in a private show. First 20 seconds of every show are free. If you don’t like what you see there, you can just close the show. There is enough info on each model’s profile to decide if you want to open that show or not.
You probably know that most shows are different. Some models will do more thing than others and that is pretty expected. You can find really good shows and shows that suck. No one would like to get disappointed in a show and still pay for it. I preferred those shows in which models had almost no limits. That means they were ok with role play, with using sex toys and things like that. You get the point.
Prices of these shows were not too high and not too low. Most shows were around .5 per minute. However, there were some shows that were quite expensive. I didn’t even think about opening those shows, but I think that that is worth mentioning.
The site uses Dirty Cents as a payment method. You get around 10 tokens for in the store. There are multiple packages and you only need one at the beginning. If you buy more tokens at once, you get a better deal for them.
The video quality here was top notch. I didn’t open that many shows here, but every show I was in was in HD. That can be seen rarely on most sites. On top of that, they were also in fluid motion and they didn’t have one lag. I noticed that some cameras were even remote controlled. There is really nothing better than that because models can move cameras on some parts at the best moments.
One last thing worth mentioning on this site is that the site works on a phone. I don’t know many about that, but I just know you can open it with a regular browser.


The video quality is good. Shows are usually pretty nice.


Some prices are not so affordable. There are not enough online models now.


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