Bongacams - This site got me really confused


Date: August 13, 2017

Written by: Nuck (Male, 18)


When I first opened this site, I thought it was some pop up site and I closed it. I tried opening it again and I got the same result. It took me some time to realize this site was a site I opened, but it was just translated into my native language. I found out that this site can be translated into 30 different languages and translates are pretty accurate. I don’t know if this is true, but it shows that this site has more than 2000 models online. I never saw a site with this many models so I started doubting that number. There are more than 10000 registered models and having this many models online is pretty good for this year. The design is really simple and navigating through the site is pretty easy because everything important is pointed out. I just don’t like the bright background because I got used to dark one.
I know that I can ask for much, but this site has actually everything I need to find a good model in just a few minutes. Finding the model is one of the most important things because I like seeing only one group of girls. This site has advanced search which made everything easier. I got to select multiple tags at the same time and after finish that, I got a small group of specific girls. There were only ones I wanted to see on the display. You can also use only categories and that is also pretty ok. But when you have the advanced search, there is no need to use anything else.
Every model has a free show available to every user, even if you don’t have an account. Opening all these shows is available at all times and it is completely free. This site has a free chat window in every show and all users can use it. Models usually respond to those users who have an account, so if you are listed as a guest, you most likely won’t be noticed. This feature is the best for talking with the model about a private show. You can find out everything important about some private show so you won’t spend money on shows that you don’t like. There are also profiles available with every model so you can read her short bio there also for free.
The private show is what I waited a long time for because I didn’t see anything specific in the free show. There shows are not free anymore, but they aren’t that expensive. The price varies from the show to the next one, but the average price is around per minute. If you are patient like me, you can find some cheap shows that are much better than those expensive ones. Most of these models were streaming from a studio, so I think they are professional models. There were also amateur models and I liked those models much more because they act naturally in every situation.
I like looking at shows that are in full HD and most of these shows were in good quality. There are also shows that have medium quality, but what is much better than that is that every show has a fluid picture. There were no problems with the internet connection, so I got to enjoy every second of a show.
This site uses tokens as a payment method and there are multiple packages in the store. These tokens can be bought with your credit card and the price of 10 tokens is around .
When I was bored, I tried opening this site on my phone and it worked pretty ok. Most of these features worked well and I got to use everything like on the PC. There were small problems with the lag, but I managed to get over than because other things were pretty ok.


You can find pretty affordable shows here if you are patient. The video quality is good in most cases and the motion is always fluid. The site can be translated into many languages which isn’t the case with many sites. I counted a lot more models than on any other site before. The search engine allows you to select multiple tags and the search narrows models to just a few of them.


I don’t like the color of the background because it is too bright. There was a pop up ad that annoyed me through the whole stay.


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